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In a few short years much of what you do, make, fix, sell, and ship, won’t mean much to anyone. In fact,…

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Technology Inventory Worksheet
A couple of days ago I wrote a post about securing the control of your domain name. This post sparked a lot great comments including one from Dalene Bradford who writes Charitable Thoughts – a blog focused on helping non-profit organizations. She points to an example of a large non-profit group that lost their web […]
Business Book Freebies from 800CEOREAD
Jack Covert over at 800CEOREAD has an interesting offering he calls In Bubble Wrap. I love books, as you may already know, and I think CEOREAD has done a great job over the years of promoting business books and business authors. Here is what In Bubble Wrap is all about in their own words iBW […]
Handy Little PowerPoint Add-on
I once heard Guy Kawasaki, noted for his speaking prowess, claim that the only thing worse than a speaker that stunk was not knowing when they were going to be done stinking – I ran across this free handy little add on for PowerPoint, called the PowerPoint thermometer that adds a little time strip to […]

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99% of Advertising Doesn't Sell a Thing
The title of this post is a quote attributed to one of the biggest names in advertising, David Ogilvy. A recent article in BrandWeek pointed out that most advertising agencies don’t run any advertising. Now, what’s a person to think about the effectiveness of advertising given those two thoughts? Advertising works, it’s just that most […]
Secure Your Web Domain Name or Risk Losing It
I run across small business owners everyday that put all of their web assets, including their domain name, in the hands of a web designer or consultant. Web sites are easy to replace, valuable domain names are not. Make sure that you have ultimate control over your domain name or risk losing it or suffering […]

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Are You Bored With Your Marketing Message?
You like change, you’re sick of that tired old marketing message and that worn our direct mail letter. Guess what, it’s a pretty good bet that your target market hasn’t even heard it yet, let alone grown tired of it. You’ve got put your best marketing message out there and then stick with until the […]
Small Giants Update
Bo Burlingham, author of Small Giants and recent podcast guest, is conducting a free online seminar this Thursday, May 11, under the auspices of the Microsoft Leadership Forum. It will run from 9:00 – 10:00 AM Pacific time, or Noon-1:00 PM Eastern time. You can get the details here
Bo Burlingham on Little Giants
My guest on this week’s Duct Tape Marketing podcast show is Bo Burlingham, Inc magazine Editor-at-Large and author of Small Giants – Companies that choose to be great instead of big. We spend a great deal time talking about the common characteristics he discovered when researching small companies that consistently ranked very high in terms […]
Where To Find A Targeted Mailing List
One of my favorite small business lead generation strategies is to define a mailing list for a target market as narrowly as possible, with the intent of getting that list to a very small number. Once you do this, knowing that most anyone on the list is a good suspect, you can possibly more easily […]

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