SEO Isn’t Dead, It’s Simply Hiding

Look around today, and you’ll find any number of pundits declaring that SEO is dead. No, SEO is most certainly not dead,…

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Is Single Opt-in a Form of Spam?
I had my eyes opened recently to an email marketing point that I was having trouble determining an answer to. Should you require double opt-in or verification of an email address when someone subscribes to an online newsletter or offer? One side of me fought this idea with the thinking that it just adds another […]
You're Never Too Old To Start a Business
In the second annual Yahoo! survey measuring small business aspirations of the general population, a growing number of baby boomers said they would never be too old to launch a business. In addition, two thirds of American adults (66%) said that they have considered starting their own businesses (versus 72% last year), according to the […]
A Source of Small Business Content
Copyright applies fully and automatically to any work a photograph, a song, a web page, an article, pretty much any form of expression the moment it is created. This means that if you want to copy and re-use a creative work you find online, you usually have to ask the author’s permission. Some authors, myself […]

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Become a Duct Tape Marketing Coach?
I’ve started mentoring a handful of very motivated individuals and am working with them to create and build their own Duct Tape Marketing consulting/coaching business – exactly as I have done it. You’re invited to attend a special teleseminar overview of the Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Coach program Two sessions – Friday, April 21st – […]
Podcasting Press Releases from PRWeb
I’ve mentioned press release distribution services offered by PRWeb before. I think they have a great service that allows small business owners to get potential media exposure while also creating links back to a web site by way of syndicated press releases. Today, PRWeb announced a premium feature upgrade called PRWeb Podcast. Now if you […]

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Take an SEO refresher course
Small business owners don’t necessarily need to be SEO experts, but you should have a firm grasp on the basics – even if only to direct a web designer. The search engine world changes pretty frequently, but not as much as SEO folks would like you to believe. In fact, you will waste a lot […]
What's the Best Job In America?
MONEY Magazine published its annual “Best Jobs” issue and I can’t believe “small business marketing coach” didn’t crack the top 10. Here’s my take – especially if you own a small business or are thinking of starting one. The best job in America is one you love. That’s the secret to success in your business […]
What Do You Do For a Living?
A lot of folks answer that question with a job title or category or worse, something painful sounding like, I sell houses. If you really want to get your marketing message to a place that will get your prospect’s attention you must be able to answer that question – what do you do for a […]
Google Calendar Intergrates with GMail
I know this is being widely reported around the Internet and blogosphere today but it looks like Google has finally beta launched its calendar that integrates with GMail. It has a pleasant, basic look and function and should give them a nice tool when they integrate this with their Google personal homepage initiative. My favorite […]

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