Why You Must Create a Total Online Presence Right Now

Your website is the hub of your online presence and is clearly a must in this digital world. However, it’s only one piece…

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Easy Way to Digest the Entire Duct Tape Blog Channel
As you can see or may have read I now have 22 blogs all connected to the Duct Tape Marketing Blog Channel. Flipping through the various blogs to find new content can be a chore (although some love doing just that) so I have added a Duct Tape Marketing Blog Channel Digest page that allows […]
Lead Generation for the Complex Sale
I had a great conversation with Brian Carroll, author of Lead Generation for the Complex Sale over at the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast. Brian’s book book gets at the heart of generating leads the right way. He focuses on what he calls the complex sale, a combination of multiple variables including money, but I think […]
The Dixie Chicks – a Hard Lesson in Target Marketing
I fully expect this post to draw the ire of those who passionately defend that what the Dixie Chicks did was a treasonous act. Let me just state that I intend to use this example to illustrate a point, and that point has nothing to do with politics. How’s that for a disclaimer? Over the […]

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Blog Voting Challenge
Some of my readers let me know that they were having trouble casting their Marketing Sherpa blog votes. I received this from Marketing Sherpa today so it looks like they have it under control and if you ran into trouble voting for Duct Tape Marketing now you can! (Shameless self-promoter aren’t I?) An Apology from […]
Question Everything
Or, more to the point, question everything word you use to market your business and then answer every question in your marketing. People make buying decisions in ways that we may find hard to imagine. The mental, logical process and the emotional, feel good process come together at some point in every sale. The problem, […]

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Duct Tape Nominated for Best Small Business Marketing Blog
For the third straight year Duct Tape Marketing has been nominated as the “best small business marketing blog” by the readers of Marketing Sherpa. If you like what you read here I’d love it if you would consider casting a vote for Duct Tape Marketing (That includes all you RSS feed readers who enjoy that […]
Waiting for Your Cat to Bark
I had a great chat with Bryan Eisenberg, co-author of Waiting for your Cat to Bark over a recent visit to Kansas City. Bryan was on tour promoting his newest book and offers some great insight into small business use of the web. Click to listen to the podcast The book’s title is a nod […]
Track Your Email Marketing Efforts with Swiftpage
I had a great chat with the founder of a unique email marketing service called Swiftpage on the Duct Tape Marketing podcast this week. Swiftpage does all the normal sending, formatting and list maintaining functions provided by even the most basic email services, but Swiftpage takes it a giant step farther. Swiftpage fully integrates with […]
StockLayouts, a great small business resource
It’s been a while since I’ve writtern about StockLayouts, but every time I see a new set of designs come out of these folks I’m even more impressed. One of the quickest ways to create high impact stationary, brochures, ads, newsletters and product sheets is to grab a collection from StockLayouts. There are lots of […]

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