SEO Isn’t Dead, It’s Simply Hiding

Look around today, and you’ll find any number of pundits declaring that SEO is dead. No, SEO is most certainly not dead,…

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Memetracking – not just for techies anymore
Memetracking has taken on a bit of a full blown well, meme. First, the definition of meme from wikipedia. Sites that cluster and track trends, topics and news will become very important this year and offer the average small business marketer some of the best aggregated and filtered content going. These services track real-time conversations […]
You Can Offer Blogging As a Service
Nobody asks me what a blog is these days but, they still want to know how they can use a blog to benefit their business. The software that runs the entire blogging universe offers you some very powerful tools if you can start to think outside the box a bit. If you are already a […]
Sales Contacts with Jigsaw
Jigsaw calls itself an online directory of business contacts and company information. It’s more like data meets eBay. Jigsaw users buy, sell and (this is a big one) maintain contact information on millions of executives and purchasing folks throughout America. Sales people and recruiters swear by the service. The service is a brilliant example of […]

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A Great Way To Learn About Google AdWords
The Google AdWords advertising program is a very good small business advertising option when employed correctly – even for local small businesses. One of the keys is to learn as much as you can about how the program works. It can be a bit overwhelming when you get started. Here’s my suggestion: Find about two […]
Only If You're Stuck On Duct Tape
Forbes has a nice piece on the history and usefulness of duct tape as a tool. I couldn’t resist picking this up on the Duct Tape Marketing blog. And a round-up of some other useful duct tape links: The Duck Tape Club – lots of fun stuff from Henkel The Duct Tape Guys – over […]

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Small Business Podcasting Demystified
I wrote a fairly comprehensive podcasting 101 primer with lots of links to podcast resources in my weekly email newsletter. The issue generated lots of buzz so I thought my blog readers might want to have a look – Podcasting Demystified
Guide to CSS support in email systems
If you are sending HTML emails in your marketing campaigns (and there’s lots to support that you should) you have probably come across some serious design issues when it comes to using CSS styling. I ran across a very comprehensive article over at Campaign Monitor that outlines what CSS elements, selectors and properties are and […]
Read Any Good Research Papers Lately?
For some this post will come off a bit snobby but what the heck, it’s what I believe. If you expect to grow your business, reach your goals, expand your abilities, you must push yourself to gain more knowledge and more skill. One of the primary ways to do this in business and in life […]
Does Spot Runner help TV ads for small business make sense?
Spot Runner, a start-up TV ad agency created by the founders of Firefly and PeoplePC, is a service that allows small local advertisers to customize one of a growing library of TV commercials to use in their local market. The user pays only $500 to use the professionally produced template and then can build a […]

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