The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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A Little PR Tip
One of the ways to get more PR is to get some PR. Press mentions, even little ones, tend to build PR momentum for you. If you are just getting started using PR as a lead generation tool you can’t expect to land the big feature story you are after right out of the gate. […]
Is Your Advertising Too Passive?
Most ads today don’t really ask the reader to do anything. They are too busy trying get them to pay attention and feel something. The most effective advertising a small business can run is advertising that makes the reader take self-interested action. By grabbing your reader, viewer or listener’s attention and making them do something, […]
Putting Some Fun in Email Marketing
MailChimp is a very simple yet effective email marketing tool. It is a service that essentially allows you to easily create and send HTML emails to groups big and small. They have take the work out this task and maybe even injected a little fun in the process. One of the core points of difference […]

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The Great Game of Small Business
The story of Springfield Remanufacturing as told by Jack Stack is the stuff of legends. Stack and a group of employees decided to buy the company they worked for instead of letting the company shut down and send them packing. Problem was, the group had to borrow about 99% or money and figure out how […]
Could You Compete In the Straw Market
I had an interesting experience at an island straw market recently. The market was set-up with rows and rows of stalls of vendors under an outdoor tent. Each vendor was selling their wares inside of a 10 x 10 booth space. The remarkable thing was that most all of the several hundred vendors were selling […]

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The Abundant Marketing Mindset
It seems like every time I conduct a marketing workshop for small business owners about half the crowd admits that they don’t really like marketing – it makes them feel like they are self-promoting. This mindset is particularly common among professional services providers. (Yes, doctors, lawyers, and accountants, I’m talking about you.) Here’s my take […]
Owning a business – Priceless
A week or so ago I reported on this blog that I had received a note from a single mom entrepreneurs asking me about my book. Essentially, her note moved me to offer a free copy to 25 of these super moms out there and I have to tell you – the response I received […]
What Becomes a Marketing Champion Most?
Roy Young, the director of strategy and development at and co-author of the book Marketing Champions – Practical strategies for improving marketing’s power, influence and business impact, stopped by the Duct Tape Marketing podcast to share his insights on this notion of marketing champions. Young and co-authors Allen Weiss and David Stewart demonstrate that […]
Stupid RSS Tricks – Aggregate and Filter
Okay, actually not so stupid really. I was asked to participate on a panel on the subject of RSS for business at next year’s South by Southwest Interactive Conference (SXSW) held in Austin, TX in March. If you get the chance to make it, this is a great gig. It runs side by side with […]

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