The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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What's Your Marketing Due Date
Everybody wants great marketing results overnight, the magic answer, the secret. Here’s the problem – there is no secret and there is no quick fix. I assume you intend to be in business for the long haul, so plan on taking the right steps, in an appropriate order, to get marketing results for the long […]
How to Change the World: The Essence of Duct Tape Marketing
Guy Kawasaki gave my book Duct Tape Marketing a wonderful piece of real estate on his very high traffic blog How to Change the World. The post is titled the Essence of Duct Tape Marketing and features a list of 10 key elements contained in the book. If you don’t read this blog, you should. […]
RFEs vs RFPs
Something dawned on me today as I was answering questions for a freelance journalist writing an article for Communication Arts magazine. Since starting and sticking with blogging, I don’t get asked to submit proposals for projects anymore, I just get asked if I’m available. Much of this has to do with any tool that effectively […]

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Tuning Up Your Blog
Mack Collier, a race engine of a blogger, networker, and evangelist, contributed a great article at Marketing Profs titled – Eight Ideas for Revitalizing Your Blog. Mack shares simple truths about building and feeding a blog audience. The piece should be required reading for any blogger, seasoned or just getting started. And on that note […]
Clipping the Best Part of the Page
Clipmarks is social bookmarking play with a very useful twist. Instead of simply bookmarking and tagging a page you find on the web, Clipmarks lets you bookmark and tag items like a block of test, an image, a video or a word. Using Clipmarks you can surf around the web and build a searchable library […]

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Free Subscription to the New York Enterprise Report
On a recent trip to New York City I picked up a copy of a publication called the New York Enterprise Report – yes, I still a sucker for print publications. I enjoyed the magazine so much I contributed an article that appears in the most current issue. You can check out my contribution to […]
Feeding the Small Business Ecosystem
Please join me for a free webinar: Feeding the Small Business Ecosystem – Wednesday, April 18th – 1:00 PM PDT | 2:00 PM MDT | 3:00 PM CDT | 4:00 PM EDT I happen to think that technology is allowing small business owners to think of their world more like an ecosystem than a place […]
What's the Future of Online Advertising
Not long ago, on this blog, I pointed out a story about Microsoft’s intentions of moving about 95% of their ad dollars online. The future of online advertising is taking shape in fits and starts. Ad agencies are receiving mandates from their clients to “figure it out.” Agency spin offs focused on “digital media” are […]
A Growing Sphere of Content
The folks at Sphere just created a customized Sphere Contextual Widget for my site. This tool allows readers to click on the “Sphere It” link at the bottom of any post and get a pop-up of contextually related content from around the web. I’ve also added some links to blogs that I think you will […]

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