How to Find Killer Content Ideas

Whether you’re a novice writer or a pro, at some point you’ll get writer’s block and will find it difficult to come…

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Speaking of Kate Spade
As it turns out my daughters go the same high school that Kate Spade attended, so, naturally American Express asked her to warm up the audience for me at an event in New York – oh, wait, maybe I got some of that wrong. But, the school thing is accurate! American Express is hosting an […]
Keys to Getting Into Big Companies
My friend, blog channel contributor, author of Selling to Big Companies and person who most encouraged me to write a book, Jill Konrath has posted an archive of a Webex presentation you did titled the 7 Keys to Getting Into Big Companies. on her blog. On top of providing great content Jill demonstrates a great […]
Passion is a Wonderful Branding Tool
I love what I do, so, sometimes it doesn’t feel like work. (Every now and then my monkey minds drags me back into whining and worrying about all the little things I can’t control and then I hate my job – just in case you wondered.) Last week I received one of the greatest compliments […]

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Small Business Marketing Ain't For the Timid
Marketing a small business takes some guts. It’s not necessarily rocket science, more like showing up and doing a lot of the same things over and over again, but one of those things is the ability to stick with a plan, even if you are bit uncomfortable with some aspect of the plan. A good […]
How To Beat the Wal-Marts
I get lots of calls to come in and speak to merchant groups when they learn that another Wal-Mart is moving to town. The fear of course is that they assume they can’t take on Wal-Mart and win. The truth is you can beat Wal-Mart or any other chain, you just can’t fight them. Unfortunately, […]

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Marketing Sherpa's Top 10 Blogs
The Marketing Sherpa readers poll of top blogs in 10 different categories was announced this week. The list features some new blogs this year, but always seems to produce some new “must read” blogs for me. Yes, in the shameless self promotion category, Duct Tape Marketing was named, for the third straight year, the “Best […]
Easy Way to Digest the Entire Duct Tape Blog Channel
As you can see or may have read I now have 22 blogs all connected to the Duct Tape Marketing Blog Channel. Flipping through the various blogs to find new content can be a chore (although some love doing just that) so I have added a Duct Tape Marketing Blog Channel Digest page that allows […]
Lead Generation for the Complex Sale
I had a great conversation with Brian Carroll, author of Lead Generation for the Complex Sale over at the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast. Brian’s book book gets at the heart of generating leads the right way. He focuses on what he calls the complex sale, a combination of multiple variables including money, but I think […]
The Dixie Chicks – a Hard Lesson in Target Marketing
I fully expect this post to draw the ire of those who passionately defend that what the Dixie Chicks did was a treasonous act. Let me just state that I intend to use this example to illustrate a point, and that point has nothing to do with politics. How’s that for a disclaimer? Over the […]

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