The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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Does Your Marketing Connect with Earballs and Eyeballs?
We, the prospects for your business that is, are made up mostly of senses. And, they drive how we react to the people, places and products we come into contact with. Most marketing is naturally designed to appeal the sense of site – read the words, see the picture, react to the video ad. I […]
What's the Best Way to Fire a Client
I know the title of this post may sound a bit harsh, but even the sunniest business owner has faced the cold harsh reality – sometimes the best thing you can do is let a client go. There are many reasons why this may be. A client can become too demanding, your business has evolved […]
Give Your Clients Success Tools
Mark Collier owner of dmc Design and one of my readers contacted me a few days ago to ask if he could use a tool I created as resource for one of his design clients. The tool is something I created a few years ago and don’t promote enough myself. It’s something I call the […]

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Shoppers Are Going Online to Buy Offline
comScore Networks, a leader in measuring the digital age, recently released the results of an analysis revealing the size and growth of the U.S. local search market. ~ According to the study, 63 percent of U.S. Internet users (or approximately 109 million people) performed a local search online in July, a 43-percent increase versus July […]
I would be a Judy's Book City Editor if. . .
I owned a retail business, home services repair business, consumer oriented professional services business or sold pretty much anything to homeowners. Social online directories like Judy’s Book are becoming more and more popular as a way to find businesses based on the recommendations of others that live in your community or are looking to solve […]

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When Local Gets Social
One of my favorite sessions of the Search Engine Strategies Conference I recently attended was a panel presentation from a collection of companies creating local/social search directories. The panel included Chris DeVore, CEO and Co-Founder, Judy’s Book, Stu MacFarlane, CEO and Founder, Insider Pages (That’s Stu in the photo with me.), Paul Levine, General Manager, […]
Lions and Tigers and Click Fraud, Oh My!
The current issue of Business Week screams across its cover “Click Fraud – The Dark Side of Online Advertising.” Now, I know this is a hot topic and some advertisers have been able to prove that anywhere from 10-15% of the clicks coming to their sites are being generated in fraudulent manners. (meaning a robot […]
The World Is Local
I know Thomas Friddman’s book the claims that the World is Flat, but I wish the small business owner focused more on the fact that their world is mostly local. I’m in Denver today at the Search Engine Strategies Local Edition and am soaking up information from the likes of Judy’s Book,, Google Local, […]
So, What's Your Thing?
During a training session for one my Duct Tape Marketing Coaches, I learned about a wonderful example of small business branding practiced by Steve and Beth Gasser of Vivid Image. It seems that they read somewhere that a person is more creative with their shoes off. Being that they were in the creative business, what […]

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