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The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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Do Woman Define Success in Business Differently Than Men?
Victoria Colligan, co-founder of Ladies Who Launch, stopped by the Duct Tape Marketing podcast to discuss, what else, women entrepreneurs. Ladies Who Launch provides content and community to help women start and expand their businesses and creative ventures. Through their events, e-mail newsletter, website and in-person Incubator programs Ladies Who Launch provides a venue for […]
Most of the Time Talent's Not Enough
You’re a talented writer, designer, speaker, consultant, coach, salesperson, but doors aren’t flying open for you. Why not? Talent, I’m afraid, is assumed – a lot of people have talent. It’s the price to get into the game. Talent, married with creativity, however, is how you get out of the cheap seats. (In fact, creativity […]
TypePad Adds Web Page Creation to the Mix
TypePad, one of my favorite blog creation tools just added a killer (yet, why did it take so long) feature called Pages. The Pages feature allows you to create your entire web site using the TypePad system. You create your blog, polish your template, add the widgets and features you want, and start posting content. […]

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Duct Tape Marketing Coach Overview Session
I am conducting an informational overview of the Duct Tape Marketing Coaching program. If you have any interest in becoming a marketing coach or aligning your practice with the Duct Tape Marketing brand then phone in and hear about it this Thursday, June 14th at 2pm Central. Enroll for the call here – Find out […]
What's Your Referral Number?
I can tell you that the relative health and success of most businesses can be gauged by this simple factor – how many clients refer friends, neighbors and colleagues. This may be hard for some to hear, but if you are not receiving lots of referrals, there may be something that needs fixing. If you […]

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Two Kansas City Area Workshop Opportunities
Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. (AMP) recently launched the AMP Business Institute (ABI) as a practical solution for the development, planning and management training needs of businesses, associations, and certification boards. To kick-off the Business Institute they have asked me to conduct several one day workshops at their new headquarters located in the Kansas City area. […]
Future of Online Advertising
Duct Tape Marketing Blog Channel member Mike Santoro is blogging away at the Future of Online Advertising Conference in New York. If you didn’t get a chance to go check out Mike’s coverage.
Web Analytics and Google
Google Analytics, is a great, free tool to help you better understand where you traffic is coming from, what keywords are generating traffic and even how your landing pages are converting. (I’ll be doing a podcast on this soon!) Google recently revamped the tool and now it’s even better. Here are some of the improvements: […]
Small Business and Marketing Online
In the last few weeks I’ve conducted interviews with the mainstream publications below. The discussion about what to do online or, for that matter, whether to do it at all, is still pretty wide open I think. Forbes – 6 Marketing tactics worth paying for Fortune Small Business – 4 Ways to market your business […]

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