The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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Two Cool Points of View
Open from AMEX sponsors this blog in part and gives me the opportunity to attend their very popular Open Forum events, which I did a week or so ago. (You can check out the archived webinar if you like.) I had the chance to interview Mario Batali, one of New York City’s hottest restaurant owners […]
Accessing and Managing Small Business Credit
MasterCard’s Head of Global Small Business, Bruno Perreault dropped by the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast to talk about small business and credit. Credit is a necessary tool for many small businesses and it’s important to understand how to find it, access it, and use it wisely. (MasterCard offer more small business products than I knew […]
Visual Previews of Links in Your Blog, a fairly new and interesting looking search engine, is offering web site and blog owners a handy little device. (Thanks to John Battelle at Searchblog for pointing this out.) The tool is called Snap Preview Anywhere and allows a surfer to hover over any link that has been enabled by this service and see […]

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For These Things I Am Thankful
I don’t often wander into personal territory on this blog, but today I do. (How’s that for a warning.) A few of my favorite things. Giggles – the kind that only children and grandpas can produce Books – Bird by Bird: Anne Lamott – just go buy a copy ESP – I love that my […]
The Local Value Add
The local independent bookstore is one retail channel severely impacted by the rise in chains and online book shopping. A book of the same title is the same book, right? Price then, is the measurement. Here’s a nice piece from titled: The Death of the Independent Bookstore. Okay, so why are some independent bookstores […]

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Add Click to Call To The Mix
Be easy to do business with. That’s a mantra every small business marketer should adopt. One of the way you accomplish this is to provide your prospects with many different ways to contact you and buy. Some people are more comfortable with the phone, others with email. Make sure that offer all. Google and Windows […]
Free Magazine Friday
Sometimes with all this digital reading you long for the feel of a print publication. (Particularly on long airline flights) I have been offering free magazine subscriptions on my site to readers for some time now but I thought it was worth a mention again. You can go to the Magazine Section and pick from […]
Shopping Online for the Holidays?
A recent Yahoo!/Harris poll had some telling results for small business owners. Some highlights: 76% of holiday shoppers said they will buy gifts online; 75% said they are likely to buy gifts online from a small business; 63% said online niche retailers are a ‘best place’ to shop for hard-to-find gifts; 55% said it is […]
Personalized Cash Always Fits
I recently discovered a new offering from MasterCard that has some great potential. Businesses can now order preloaded gift cards from MasterCard and have their logo printed on the card. Essentially this is a cash card that can be loaded up with $10 – $500. The MasterCard Gift Card, personalized with your company info, is […]

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