Why You Must Create a Total Online Presence Right Now

Your website is the hub of your online presence and is clearly a must in this digital world. However, it’s only one piece…

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10 Essential Small Business Productivity Tools
In my weekly newsletter I profiled what I think are essential small business tools. These tools don’t all directly relate to marketing, but most perform a marketing function. You can view my 10 essential tools here. I cover things like project management, virus protection, file sending, spam blocking and keyword locating. You can subscribe to […]
800 CEO Read founder visits the Duct Tape Marketing podcast
I had a great interview with Jack Covert, founder and President of 800-CEO-READ over on the Duct Tape Marketing podcast. CEO READ is a great champion of business books and authors and one of my favorite places to shop. Listen to this interview and hear how Covert accidentally came up with the name for his […]
Co-Branding to grow awareness and gain referrals
Partnering with other businesses, both on and offline, is a tremendous way to increase your brand’s awareness while gaining valuable referrals and exposure. You can use this strategy in many ways, but one of my favorites is to seek out a potential partner, one who serves your target market, and offer to provide a free […]

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New Author on the Duct Tape Blog Channel
Rob Kirby has taken over writing the Design Matters blog here at the Duct Tape Blog Channel. Join me in welcoming Rob. Rob earned a BFA in Illustration from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena in 1992, and has served as a senior designer and art director for a number of companies including Nature’s […]
A List of PR Blogs Worth a Visit
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Is Pay Per Call Advertising Working?
Lots is being said about pay per call advertising but so little exists in terms of measurable results that it is still a little tough to know if this play makes sense for the typical small business. The bottom line lies in understanding your lead conversion process – does it require a phone conversation with […]
Where Not To Advertise
Advertising pervades most of our waking moments (and likely some of our slumber). So much so that we are getting pretty good at tuning out what we see as sales messages. Desperate advertisers see this as a sign to up the obnoxiousness factor and extent the advertising space into some places it just should not […]
10 Essential Blogging Tools
In last week’s issue of my newsletter I wrote an article outlining what I think are 10 essential tools for bloggers. This list isn’t so much a resource if you are thinking about adding a blog as it is a list of ways to get more from your blog in terms of traffic and readership.
What Do You Sell?
This title seems like a simple enough question, no trick to it really. If you sell insurance, you sell a piece of paper If you sell remodeling, you sell boards, drywall and paint If you sell tax preparation, your sell a big fat envelope full of filled out forms If you sell automobiles, you sell […]

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