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The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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But What Do I Write On My Business Blog?
Man, do I get tired of the question posed in the title of this post. Creating content has always been a good idea, if you’ve got a business, at least one that wants and needs customers, then you need to create lots of relevant content – a blog just happens to make the process a […]
How To Beat the Summer Bummer
For some summer can spell a business downturn as clients and prospects head for the beach, take time off with the kids, or just sip some saki at sunset. Logically, it’s a great time for a sale, right? Get that phone to ring! The problem is that many small businesses go about conducting a sale […]
Maybe It's a Problem With the Bowl
Lots of small business owners bump their heads against figurative walls when trying to grow. No matter what they do, nothing seems to change. I would like to suggest that perhaps the simple Goldfish can offer some aid in illustrating my point today. Anyone who has owned more than one Goldfish, for more than a […]

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Is eBay a Small Business Marketing Tool?
There’s a pretty tired myth with some small business folks that pegs eBay as simply a way for people to unload junk, collectibles, or out of date seconds. Now I know many of you also know that people are making lots of money running businesses completely on the eBay platform. I visited with Janelle Elms, […]
Speaking at mesh in Toronto
I’ll be hanging out and presenting on new media use in Toronto this week at the mesh Conference. The sold out event features keynotes from Richard Edelman of Edelman PR and Michael Arrington of I’m looking forward to a trip to Canada and meeting lots of Duct Tape Marketers. Check out the mesh schedule.

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Why Do People Refer?
I get asked the question above plenty. The answer is really easy: People refer people, products, services and companies because they like to, it makes them feel good, it’s just human nature. The problem with this question and its answer from a business building standpoint is that it’s not that helpful. The far better question […]
Social Networking as a Traffic Tool
Social directories and bookmarking sites are good places to visit and get your story seen, spread, and occasionally linked to. Sites like digg and are great traffic generators and worth the time you put into learning about and participating. Guy Kawasaki created an interesting social play recently called Truemors – Rumors and News. The […]
Audio as a Customer Service Tool
Web marketers have discovered the value of adding audio to websites and sales pages for a number of years now. Used properly, audio can really help visitors connect and get more excited about a product or service (video is quickly jumping into this space too.) One overlooked use of audio is to help enhance your […]
Ringtone Branding – Another way to spread the brand
Ok, this one might not be earthshattering, but it’s kind of fun. Sound is a great way to build brand recognition – think about all the jingles over the years that you could not get out of your head. Mobile phone ringtones have become big business for indy artists and record labels (not to mention […]

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