SEO Isn’t Dead, It’s Simply Hiding

Look around today, and you’ll find any number of pundits declaring that SEO is dead. No, SEO is most certainly not dead,…

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Bob Bly is Anti-Business Card
In a recent issue of the Early to Rise newsletter, Bob Bly, marketing expert and author of 60 books on business, advises that business owners should forget everything they have been told about using a business card and adopt what he calls and anti-business card strategy. As is generally the case, I agree with Bob […]
Tom Kulzer on Duct Tape Marketing Podcast
I had an opportunity to discuss email marketing, autoresponders, spam and RSS via email with Tom Kulzer, CEO of AWeber Communications. Listen in on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast
The Medium is the Message
Most first year college students are familiar with Marshall McLuhan’s excerpt from Understanding Media but, it occurs to me that even seasoned marketing pros don’t really grasp what he meant by the medium is the message. What causes me to speculate on this misunderstanding is the continued and repeated assertion by marketing and pr folks […]

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Contests Create Community
Few things have the marketing potential of a good old fashion contest. People love to compete and will go to great lengths at times to win something as simple as a little recognition. Staged correctly, marketing contests have several very powerful things going for them: They can become viral very quickly The media is a […]
Calling All Duct Tape Thunderlizards
The notion of creating community around your clients and prospects is a marketing principle near and dear to me. I caught up with one of the great community builders, Guy Kawasaki, on a recent Duct Tape Marketing Podcast Many people know who Guy Kawasaki is – Mac evangelist, founder of Garage Technology Ventures, author of […]

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Recycling Computer Hardware with HP
It’s not too hard for the typical small business to pile up a few pieces of obsolete computer equipment. So, what to do with all that stuff? Clean house, unclutter and give yourself a clean space to think up new marketing strategies. I just discovered a program from Hewlett Packard that can help keep that […]
HTML vs Text in Newsletters and eZines?
I get this question frequently and have addressed it in my small business marketing forum but, I thought I would share my answer here as well. “I have been sending out an email newsletter for a couple of years in text only. I am thinking of converting to HTML and including a few small photos […]
What Influences Your Brand The Most
Accepting the concept of a brand is great place for small business owners to start. Now, when I use the word brand I don’t mean like Coke or Nike. I’m not talking about hiring a brand management firm – not quite yet anyway. For the small business owner often times the brand comes down to […]
Duct Tape Review :: LogoWorks
An appropriate logo, and by that I mean one that serves to reinforce what your company stands for and does it in a way that appeals to a chosen target audience, is a foundational marketing element. There are many ways to acquire a strong identifying logo for you business, but of late, more and more […]

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