The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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How To Build Marketing Momentum
For most small business owners the concept of marketing momentum is crucial. Think back to high school physics class for a moment if you can. (I didn’t do so well in that class so I’ll simplify). It takes a whole bunch of force to get something moving but, once you get it moving, it tends […]
What Will A Blog Do For My Business?
I get this question several times a week these days so I thought I would address it here. The answer to this question is part advice, part marketing 101 soapbox speech. So, what will a blog do for your business? In most cases, little to nothing. Now, before you fire off an email to ask […]
Say Thank You To No Too
This might be a little hard to swallow for some but it pays long range dividends and is so very easy to do. Have you ever made a pitch for a client or some new project only to get that voicemail or email telling you that they have decided to go with XYZ company, but […]

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Contrary To Popular Belief
A marketing approach that has worked wonders over the years is to sit back, view the current landscape and then find a way to present a marketing argument that goes against a current fad or perception. This strategy can be a great way to win occasional media attention. Media folks are commonly taught to get […]
Make A Daily Appointment With The Marketing Department
Many of my clients tell me that they just never seem to get around to doing the marketing they know they must do. Here’s the simple solution I offer to this common dilemma. Write it on your schedule every day. That’s right, it’s pretty simple. Schedule marketing just like you do any other meeting. Block […]

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The Best Sales Questions Are The Ones You Already Have Answers To
I suppose you get these calls too but here’s a rough approximation of a cold call sales call I received recently. “Uhm, I don’t know if you even buy what we sell and I’m sure you don’t know anything about me or my company but I want to take about $175 worth of your time […]
What If Your Guarantee Was Astonishing?
The use of a guarantee as a way to reduce a potential buyer’s risk has long been employed by savvy marketing people. In some circles, a guarantee has become a required aspect of the sales process. But, what if you did more. What if you created a guarantee that did far more than simply warranty […]
Get Your Referrals In The Game
Laserfit, an Austrualian men’s customer tailor and Referral Flood owner, had this to say recently about generating referrals. “As yet I have not got my system together but I have started by setting the expectation that our customers refer us to their friends and colleagues if they are happy. If they agree, we offer them […]
What Motivates Someone To Refer You?
I have studied the idea of referral marketing for years and, when designing a referral marketing system, it almost always comes down to answering this simple question. What would motivate someone to refer you? The good news is – the answer is always the same. The bad news – designing a system that gets at […]

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