The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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Remove the Wallpaper
Sometimes small business owners come to treat marketing like wallpaper. Let’s just put another layer on. Go out and get some new clients. Wallpaper and paint can hide a lot of sins but real growth only comes when you fix what’s under the wallpaper. There’s a lyric in a song I heard the other day […]
What Is Small Business Success
I stumbled across this site because I thought the name was so fitting – Small Business Success – Good Stuff for Small Business Owners That Just Might Work. For me, maybe I’m wrong, that’s the approach that many small business owners miss. Planning has its place, but action is what wins the marketing day over […]
Create Your Own Advertising Vehicles
There’s a plumber in my hometown that created some yardsigns during the last election and convinced some customers to put them in their yard at the height of the electioneering cycle. These signs promoted – Bob Hamilton for Plumber. They were cute and likely generated some positive buzz. I’ve long considered the idea to perhaps […]

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Kentucky "This is fattening food" Fried Marketing
About a week ago KFC announced that they would start aggressively opening new stores under the old name – Kentucky Fried Chicken. This announcement raised some eyebrows as the company had invested a bunch of money in rebranding itself as the more healthy sounding KFC. I say, the best marketing is usually the marketing that […]
Best Small Business Marketing Blog Nomination Time
The savvy marketing folks over at Marketing Sherpa are once again hosting their Best Blog Awards – they are currently taking nominations until May 15th. Duct Tape Marketing won last year’s award for “Best Small Business Marketing Blog” I would love to be considered for that award again this year. If you would like to […]

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An Over The Fence Referral System
This happens every day in every neighborhood in America. I was grilling some steaks last Saturday when a new neighbor leaned over our adjoining fence to introduce herself. We chatted for a moment and our dogs got to know one another and then she asked me who I used as a vet. (The Over the […]
Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Podcast
One of the latest Internet crazes is this thing called Podcasting I must admit that on the surface it sounds pretty cool, but then the hype started. . .and I got suspicious. The Internet marketing folks want you to believe that this is the next great way to make a bundle but nobody seems to […]
A Smorgasbord of Marketing Resources
Over the past few months I have been hosting free marketing teleseminars with guest experts in a variety of topics. After each session I produced a page of links and resources related to the topic. Go have a look at these pages and you will shorten your marketing education significantly. Business Blogging Resources for any […]
Yahoo Offering Free Web Sites
I don’t know if it’s just me but it sure seems like Yahoo is working overtime these days. Today Yahoo announced a major enhancement to their local offering – free websites. Now, any business with a physical address can create a very simple 5 page web site using a templated wizard type form. These sites […]

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