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The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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One of the most overlooked marketing tactics on the planet
Marketing tactics come and go, but there is one tactic that always seems to pay off – commitment. Small business marketers always want to chase the next new new thing and so their core message and marketing approach flails around so thoroughly that the market can never even hear it let alone come to trust […]
What's On Your Refrigerator?
Everyone knows that in order to find more clients it’s a good idea to define your target market. But, to really get a feeling for who your ideal clients are you must dive into areas beyond the reach of typical demographic characteristics. Somehow you’ve got to start understanding what your clients value, fear, want, need […]
Get Your Prospects Involved and You Won't Need To Sell Them
Here’s a technique that many businesses can and should use. Want to close almost every deal you come across? Get your prospects involved before your ever make a call on them. Here is what I want you to think about applying to your sales process. You get an appointment with a hot prospect. Before your […]

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Do This One Thing Every Day
There are lots of variations on this simple marketing tip, but the theme is always the same – do something well and do it a whole bunch. That’s the one simple truth about marketing. Always has been, always will be. Here’s one of my favorite small business marketing success strategies. Take one rainy Friday afternoon […]
Give and You Shall Receive
There are certain laws of nature that even the most cynical are likely to admit exist. Every religion or spiritual practice that I am aware of teaches that it is in the giving you truly receive. I have found that this natural law spills over into marketing as well. Small business marketers must work hard […]

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Turn Blah Advertising Into Referral Advertising
If you provide a service for homeowners or call on businesses located in office buildings this tip will give you a way to turn an advertising message into a referral message. When your service technician visits a home to do some repair work, incentivize them to hang some door hangers on surrounding homes. Now, of […]
What Industry Can't Use A Blog?
Blogs are everywhere – something like 45,000 new ones a day. Surprisingly, I still run into business folks who don’t know what they are or how they might be a benefit. In my experience, there are few industries or professions that couldn’t benefit from a blog. Here are some examples: A label manufacture shows how […]
Be Where They Read
I stumbled one day on a great target marketing/advertising research technique that I use to this date. I was in a client’s office and I saw a pile of trade magazines that I had never heard of of. The client swore that he received about 10 or so a month and most just sat there […]
Marketing Is Everyone's Job
If you’ve got more than one employee, then this post is for you. The typical small business owner also wears the Chief Marketing Officer hat or maybe they employ someone who primarily focuses on marketing. Unfortunately, the typical small business org chart is a pretty flat looking thing. Those who are charged with marketing are […]

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