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The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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Buyers Today Crave Content AND Contact
You know the web is a great way to create and distribute some great content but, you know, something is missing. Fact is, it can be a cold place to hang out. As more and more people realize that they are interacting with this thing called a computer all day long they may begin to […]
Turn Your Deferrals Into Preferrals
The single greatest complaint I get from small business owners when it comes to referral marketing is that they don’t seem to get the kinds of referrals they want or prefer. (You know, the A clients, as oppossed to what I call Deferrals) I think the reason for this is pretty simple and, in fact, […]
Your Marketing Must Be Habit Forming
If you want to make an impact on your target market, you must get them in the habit of seeing and hearing your marketing message or offer. That’s one of the challenges for the small business owner. How do you create a big enough noise without breaking the bank. Two academic marketing terms are useful […]

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A very fun Blog to Visit
One of my personal favorite blog reads is AdRants. Here’s how author Steve Hall describes it. Reporting on the brilliance and idiocy of the media and advertising industry, Adrants offers subversive comment on the questionable, the absurd, the new and the noteworthy. Everything from new campaign launches to useful facts and figures to odd little […]
Conversion Is Still King
No matter how brilliant your marketing is, how pretty it is, how expensive it is…the only question that is worth addressing is this – Does it sell? Most businesses focus all of their marketing attention on advertising or lead generation. That’s fine, you’ve got to make the phone ring but, if you don’t turn a […]

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You're Invited to the Referral Flood Launch Party!
On and off for the last year I have been working on the ultimate referral marketing tool. What I created is a 118-page workbook and manual, over 4 hours of audio CD training, 54 real-world referral systems, and a referral marketing toolbox containing example letters, postcards, business cards, door hangers, and other referral marketing tools. […]
The Plague of the Accidental Referral
Almost every business gets started this way. They do a good job for a client and they tell someone and the next thing you know, your business is growing by way of referral. Yet…I have asked now (and yes I am keeping track) somewhere just over 1731 small business owners this question. “Do you have […]
Will Work For Referrals
I may have mentioned that I am releasing an ebook and audio program in a few weeks titled Referral Flood – How to make it rain a flood of new business without spending one dime on advertising. So…I thought I would let one of my favorite referral strategies out of the bag today. Many small […]
You Are What People Pay For
If people pay you for goods, you are in the product business. If they pay you for labor, you are in the service business But…and I’d suggest you think about this one…if they pay you for and value the little things that your company does that simply make their life better, you are in the […]

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