Weekend Favs October Thirteen

My weekend blog post routine includes posting links to a handful of tools or great content I ran across during the week.

I don’t go into depth about the finds, but encourage you check them out if they sound interesting. The photo in the post is a favorite for the week from Flickr.

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Good stuff I found this week:

Hidden Challenges Lurking in Global Business

UPSThe International Business Series is brought to you by UPS. Discover the new logistics. It levels playing fields and lets you act locally or globally. It’s for the individual entrepreneur, the small business, or the large company. Put the new logistics to work for you.


Image: See-ming Lee via Flickr

The Internet has certainly made expanding into all corners of the world an appealing reality. For very little extra expenditure businesses can set-up a virtual shop in any country within a matter of hours. Attracting and hiring the best talent available on the globe may only be an email away.

For this post I asked two entrepreneurs that have experienced what it takes to do business or enable other businesses to do business globally to share some of the pitfalls and best practices they’ve encountered.

First up is Ryan Carson, founder of UK based Carsonified.

1) Tell us about your current business environment – companies, virtual workforce, markets served, etc

Carsonified hosts conferences for web designers and developers like Future of Web Apps and Future of Web Design in NYC, London, Las Vegas and Miami.

We also run a video training site for web designers and developers called Think Vitamin Membership where members pay an affordable monthly subscription and get unlimited access to our large video training library. Our customers are truly global, spanning all the way from Japan to Russia and everywhere in between.

We’ve got nine people in our office in Bath UK, three in our office in Orlando and one working from home in Greenville South Carolina.

The Qualities of Authentic Collaboration


Image credit: 4nitsirk via Flickr

I’ve been doing some strategic planning of late (something I do literally at 40,000 feet sitting in coach) and one of the things that I decided I had never done was articulate the values I hold for my organization. I mean, I know them, I live them, they guide my decisions, and maybe I’ve even expressed most of them in blog posts here, but I don’t know that I ever sat down and collected them in one spot.

As I created and refined my list I was struck by an overwhelming feeling that this list not only defined the best me, it defined what I really do for a living. The theme that kept coming up over and over again was collaboration. No matter what I do in my business, everything from writing this blog post to working on projects with virtual teams involves a quality of collaboration.

That’s the business that I think many of us, certainly those in the consulting and service industries, are in. I don’t really do things for people, I do things with people. I get a tremendous amount of help from forces seen and unseen on the things I claim to create and I provide collaborative support for the creations of others – even if it’s simply by penning a chapter in a book that sparks an innovation.

Free As In Shipping

People don't like surprise fees, don't like being nickle and dimed, and don't like to pay for shipping. Simple pricing, bags fly free, give me a set of easy to understand options - that's the world smart marketers live in…

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