We just started working with a mid-size software company and, in digging in to build their marketing system, it quickly became clear they had no real social media integration.

social media set up

photo credit: Jason A. Howie via photopin cc

Sure, they had several Twitter accounts, many of their top folks were on LinkedIn and there was a Facebook page, but nothing was connected, no routine was established and certainly no strategy existed for taking advantage of the fact that their clients were increasing social.

In order to get them taking advantage of the strategy we were to recommend we first had to get social more deeply integrated into their daily work processes.

My experience is that this scenario is still quite commonplace – even as the buzz and hype around social has died down a bit.

So, since we needed to basically start from scratch to help them employ a routine for listening and sharing internally and externally, I thought I would document a bit of the process we put them through as it could be a good starting place for many organizations.

1) Created a list of industry related blogs that included publications, influencers, journalist, clients and competitors and set up subscriptions in Feedly RSS reader. (Used IFTTT recipe to make it easy to tag content to Salesforce Chatter)

2) Created list of alerts for key terms, brand names, clients and topics in Talkwalker and Mention. (I like to use both as they seem to pick up different things)

3) Set up Hootsuite for marketing team with Saleforce app integration. Used TacticsCloud tool to create and upload Twitter list of clients, journalists and influencers

4) Created Buffer account and added Buffer bookmarklet for scheduled sharing of content from Feedly or the web to all social networks.

5) Located and Liked Facebook pages of clients, prospects, publications and journalists.

6) Located and joined a number of active and relevant LinkedIn Groups and followed several industry related channels in Pulse.

7) Added mobile apps for Feedly, Hootsuite, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

8) Created Cyfe dashboard for single reporting interface to monitor and measure ongoing social media impact. (Also created some custom segments in Google Analytics and integrated it with Cyfe)

This basic set-up doesn’t get into the daily and weekly amplification, sharing and posting routine that we are also working to install, and there certainly are other more sophisticated ways to set this up, but this is a fairly simple and repeatable plan to work from.

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John Jantsch

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine and The Referral Engine and the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.
  • Carol Dunlop

    Great layout of how to dig in and get started. I use a lot of the sytems you pointed out, bit there are a few I am going to check into now.

  • I love using systems it gives you some structure in a place that can be a real time vortex like social media

  • I LOVE this post. And you taught me 2 new tools! (Cyfe and Talkwalker)Thank you!

    The only “drawback” to the explanation is that it may not be feasible for a small company to buy all these tools. (As an agency, having them to use for multiple clients makes sense. Not so much for a business with a marketing department of 1.) I counted 5 tools which may have fees; I excluded Buffer and Hootsuite, even though you have to be using the paid HS version to use the Saleforce app.

    • For less than $100 a month you can have an enterprise level combination of tools – I think it’s at least that important

      • *I* don’t disagree. However, it’s been my experience that monthly costs on SM are a hard sell to business owners. As committed as I am to helping my company succeed, I’m not willing to shoulder cost myself – which would be the only way such a purchase would happen.

        The cascade effect does play into this. If you can leverage the free stuff to good effect (and a lot of this list can be done with free tools), it’s much easier to request the budget within 6-12 months.

    • Tactics Cloud

      Hi Alexandria, I just wanted to let you know that Tactics Cloud is free to use, so that’s one less fee to worry about 🙂

    • Jane T

      We have been using Cyfe.com for months now and it can be very easily justified when you think about all the different aspects of your business it can help you monitor beyond social media (think SEO, SEM, email campaigns, sales, support, internal KPIs, etc, etc).

      It’s a great way to keep your ENTIRE team on track. Hope that helps!

  • Great article about how to get started.

  • Why use both Buffer & Hootsuite, do they not both essentially do the same thing?

    • Julie

      I am curious about this too!

      • Guest

        I’ve heard that Hootsuite is better for tracking/analytics, and Buffer is better for scheduling content (I’ve heard other marketing experts suggest using both too). I’ve personally only used Hootsuite so I’m not speaking from experience

        @henrybendik:disqus- Just FYI, your website is down

        • Thanks for the info Julie, and my site…. been having issues on and off lately. Hmmm not too happy with server service.

  • Rebecca Hauptman Cashman

    So… Buffer doesn’t allow you to tag or hyperlink any images or pages (I don’t know what it is called so I am calling it “hyperlink” when you @ something and it links it).

    I don’t see the point of this. They also don’t have Pinterests, so the statement #4:

    4) Created Buffer account and added Buffer bookmarklet for scheduled sharing of content from Feedly or the web to all social networks.

    is False. You cannot schedule sharing of content to all social networks. Pinterest is getting to be a lot bigger these days so it is important.

    And tagging posts is also important to get the views and interactions these days.

  • trentonrerker

    I’m printing this and bringing it to a networking group I go to each week. Can’t really make it any easier than this.

  • Brian Clark

    Excellent post. People understand social marketing at one level but I am spending more time showing clients the tactical level and developing workflows that are effective as opposed to ad-hoc using a multitude of tools. I worked with one client to migrate off Salesforce to a social CRM – saved costs and increased productivity by focusing the team on one platform.

  • Issac Perry

    Great information. As a business owner, I am excited to learn about these tools. Now when I hire someone to do online marketing for me in my Jersey City, NJ office, I can have a more intelligent conversation with them.