Small business ownership is hard work. Physically demanding, stressful, mind numbing work – and that’s on the good days. But, like you, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. One of benefits of small business entrepreneurialism is that you are free – free to work any 80 hours a week you choose, right?

But, yet, there’s still no time for marketing at the end of day.

That’s the number one complaint I hear from small businesses – I just don’t have enough time to do it all.

Well, I’ve found a magic way to get some time back each day. It’ not a marketing tip, but since I’m thinking it might help free up some time to do more marketing, it’s fair game.

The secret to getting more time each day is to invest some in exercise. I know you know that and don’t need me to tell you how to live, I just know that every single day I get some exercise I get more done. Mind you, I don’t do it enough, but I can tell you that investing 30 of the 1440 minutes I have in a day in exercise always doubles up and pays off.

So are in you small business shape? Have you discovered the mathematical time paradox of exercise?

Check out these online tools that provide motivation and inspiration. and

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John Jantsch

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine and The Referral Engine and the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.
  • Excellent post, John. I just got back from a run when I saw this, and I think it definitely helps. If I am too tired to shoot/edit a session or post on the website, I try to force myself to workout.

    I particularly love the Nike+ system which integrates running with my iPod and iTunes. I can now workout and see the progress over time, which makes me feel less guilty when I indulge in a new camera or other piece of gear 🙂


  • You’re spot on! When I go for a work out I have more energy and can focus and really get work done. Tomorrow I’m off to climb the CN Tower for the 6th time!

  • Wasn’t the message I was expecting, if only the title of your post hadn’t given it away.

    I go to gym 4 times per week, and it’s the glue that holds my mind together at times.
    “Me” time.

    Ironically, gym time CAN be marketing time: put your favourite marketing audio books (Seth Godin?) or podcast. I’m a weirdo for not feeling guilty about not working at the gym for the fact that I’m also learning.

  • I definitely agree with your wisdom. Starting a business at home and being an at-home mom does not give me a lot of free time. A workout gets me out of the house and provides me with some “me” time.

  • A great post and it is so true. I think excercise gives us the abilty to think and stimulates the brain. I get out at 7am every morning for a good bike ride along the canal. Then walk the dog.

    Great post


  • Enjoyed the post… and as I put down my donut and chocolate milk, I feel extremely motivated to head to the gym! Truthfully, it’s a great thought but too often, like our own marketing, we don’t make the time for it and it can get pushed down the priority list.

    I always feel better after a good workout so I think I’ll head there now. Thanks John for the kick in the pants! 🙂 -donny-

  • Thanks for the excellent post. I have been tired lately and I just realized why. I have neglected my exercising. Thanks to you I am getting back on track.

  • You’re right about exercise making you more effective and the best way to make sure you exercise regularly is to build it into your schedule.

    Treat it like a top priority appointment that’s a real issue if you miss it. (realistically you’ll still miss some, but it will help make it a habit, making it a lot easier).


  • Too tired tonight – I’ll start tomorrow 🙂

  • Heh heh… I do push-ups when I wake up every morning, but honestly I only do that ‘cos if I didn’t I’d probably never wake up properly… Lol…
    30 minutes? hmmm.. Not quite.

  • Exercise is one of the have-to-do’s which is sadly neglected by most of us (myself included). From previous experience I have to agree that the increase in energy and feeling of well-being associated with regular exercise does indeed lead to improved mental function and clarity.

  • Excellent thoughts – so often I hear people commenting that they are too busy for things like exercise (or family time or whatever). To think in terms of spending a short amount of time to greatly benefit in productivity terms is very helpful.

  • When my partner and I started our company, we were cooped up in an office all day with our noses in our computer screens. After a few weeks, our productivity started to drop rapidly. We began taking breaks to go outside and exercise regularly, and things immediately improved. I think that this post definitely has some good advice.

  • I agree with the value of exercise – yet in the past I’ve felt guilty for taking even a 1/2 hr and setting aside so many demanding projects.

    But it’s important whether it’s in the morning or afternoon.

    I find I like to go for a quick 10 min walk first thing in the morning, do 50 sit-ups thereabouts . . . and then go out around 5pm for about 20 – 30 min running.

  • Hi John,

    Your post here was sent to me by one of my co-workers, who knows that I too am a huge advocate of physical conditioning as preparation for running a business. I ran my first marathon at age 60, so I’m way up there in age, but I still find time to work out 5-6 days a week.


  • The key to exercise is schedule a time for exercise. I plan my day for everything. 2 hours blogging…. 2hours posting in forums. 1 hour website building…. 1hour exercise.

  • Otis

    There’s math to spellchecking your title. HHHhhhmmmm?

  • Yes, I am in shape. The only time that seems to work of me is first thing in the morning – before I do anything else. I found that once my day gets rolling I am never able to find the time.

    By exercising for 30 minutes 5 days a week, I find that my energy level is supercharged, plus you get the pleasure of knowing that you did more for your health by 8:00am than 99% of Americans do all day.

    It also helps my business – Martial Arts School Owner – There’s no worse marketing in the martial arts than an out of shape instructor. LOL

    Tim Rosanelli

  • Definitely agree with this.

    I work from when I get up till about 11 then go to the gym for an hour. When I get back I’ve woken back up and feel able to focus all over again.

  • John, Your point about investing time to exercise is well put. I have two scheduled appointments each week minimum to work out with my trainer. here are two other sources to keep track of your workouts/eating. and – both easy to use

  • Can’t agree with you more – a healthy body harbours a healthy mind – this old adage has never been truer, as our modern lifestyles take its toll on us.

  • Interesting Post. Everyone agrees that exercise can help your body to be in great shape and your mind have a timeout from too much thinking..but still, not everyone does it. There goes the saying “It is easier said than done.”
    Which reminds me, to start exercising tomorrow.

  • I am one of those that say I do not have the time for exercise. When you put it as 30 of 1440 it makes me think. Maybe you will motivate me John…

  • I look forward to the time when I can get out and take a nice, easy walk. I fell down the side of a mountain while hiking and have been a little incapacitated.

  • John – realize that this was an older post. I was doing some research, came across your blog and felt the need to post. As an entrepreneur, I found myself neglecting activity, exercise and healthy eating but knew I needed to get it back quickly. And I also felt a bit isolated. So we created a community of entrepreneurs who mentor, learn and build relationships while being active – ActivEntrepreneur. We believe that successful businesses begin with healthy entrepreneurs and want to get entrepreneurs on their feet instead of in their seat. Our members walk & talk, hike, bike, cross-country ski, and zumba together, to name a few. This way integrating exercise can be productive, if you want it to be, or just social! We have chapters popping up all over.