Jack Vanderlee

Jack Vanderlee

Jack VanderleeJaw Drop Marketing

WHY JAW DROP MARKETING? “We apply ‘Big Ass’ Marketing Strategies To Small Businesses.” Companies like Apple, Mercedes, Nike, Remax, or Burger King apply big ass marketing strategies every day, and for a specific reason: because it works. Granted, not all of us have a multi-million dollar marketing budget like they do. But big marketing strategies are scalable and here’s the kicker: they work even better for SMALL businesses. OUR MARKETING PHILOSOPHY is founded on a basic principle: “Give People What They Want”. Does your company “Give People What They Want”? If it doesn’t, that’s probably why its current marketing strategy doesn’t perform as good as it could. If it would — guess what? “Give People What They Want”… and they buy. Do you represent a company or organization with a great idea, an innovative product or service, and a promising business opportunity? OUR MARKETING STRATEGY for you in a nutshell: • Have a Purpose • Be Daring • Get Found • Provoke Thought • Tell Your Story • Connect Emotionally • Trigger Action • Give People What They Want CONTACT JAW DROP MARKETING and expect a fast response.

Jaw Drop Marketing
31 Wolf Drive
Redwood Meadows, Alberta T3Z 1A3

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