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Jim and Dan Hart

Jim and Dan Hart

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In a world increasingly crowded with people who offer to ‘help you with some area of your Marketing’ (like the person that calls me every week about my unclaimed listing on the first page of Google), we stand out for a few reasons. Think of us as Marketing Architects and General Contractors. We put together a strategy for growing your business, then a blueprint to make it happen. Our network of experts (the carpenters, plumbers, etc.) follow our plan, making sure the strategy comes to life – resulting in your ‘dream home’.

Trying to piece this together yourself, or having a tradesman (plumber or website designer) handle the plan for the whole house, is likely to get you a funny-looking house at best. Not to pick on web designers (especially good ones), but we’ve seen far too many beautiful websites that do absolutely nothing to grow a business. This is often true even when they show up well in search. Converting traffic into leads and leads into customers is the hard, dirty work of Marketing, and we love doing it. Nothing that comes before it really matters if you don’t get this right.

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