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Business Builder Marketing is a division of The Inner Office, Inc. It was added to facilitate the installation of the very best marketing system available in the very best businesses on earth – our clients – and if you’re not one already, we hope you’ll join us! Life runs better on systems. From shoveling snow off the driveway to loading a dishwasher, people instinctively develop systems. For some reason, it doesn’t come as instinctively at work. One of the keys of growing a business successfully lies in creating systems – and marketing is one of the areas that can benefit the most from a systemized approach. Since the beginning of time, when that first caveman decided he needed a new fur suit and went in search of a seamstress, marketing has been a challenge. He got his seamstress by knocking her over the head and dragging her back to the cave. If your phone’s been ringing at dinner time, you know that for a great many marketers, little has changed. Strategy is still interruption based and the only change in tactics in 105,000 years has been exchanging clubs for noise! Duct Tape Marketing is a !SYSTEM! – a system that makes potential customers WANT to buy from you. I just know you’ll want that system working for you. We make that happen. How we do that is a secret – just kidding! We invite you to visit our website ( to download the free Seven Steps to Small Business Marketing Success and other helpful goodies. Please also explore the rest of this site – I’m sure you’ll see the incredible genius of this body of work, just as I did. If you’d like to work with me, shoot me an email, or call me, and we’ll go for coffee to discuss it – just to make sure we’re right for each other. Installing the system is accomplished in days, or weeks. The relationship, however, will last as long as you own your business. Marketing changes – and I’ll continue to be the one you can count on for the best, and latest, information. If you’re calling from a distance, I’ll be drinking New England Coffee’s Blueberry Cobbler, with cream, no sugar! What will you have? Visit Joy’s web site…

Business Builder Marketing
49 Daggett St
Moosup, CT 06354

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