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Ricardo Mejia

Ricardo Mejia


Honor Code Marketing was founded by U.S Air Force Veterans that follow a code of ethics: integrity, service & excellence. Today, we follow the same honor code to protect small businesses from the lack of transparency between businesses and marketers.

We bring a different approach to online marketing because we believe that the fastest way to victory is to have a solid strategic foundation. We are experts at diving into understanding your business and your customers (Yes, we will call them) to design a custom marketing strategy that fits your business needs.

Stop wasting your hard-earned dollars and start investing them in a Strategy that will give you more time and less stress so you can go back to running your business. Let us help you solve your ROI growth challenges with strategy first and a systematic marketing plan. If you need help implementing your strategy, we can help there too!

“Strategy (a plan) without tactics (implementation) is the slowest path to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”
– Sun Tzu.

8149 N Sunglow Place
Boise, Idaho 83714
United States
(208) 917-1875

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