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July 19, 2005

In this issue:
Resource Blog Lightning - How To Create and Promote Your Blog in a Flash - NEW
Help Wanted -
Virtual Marketing Assistant
Main Article - How To Create HTML Newsletter
Resource #2 - Referral Flood Digital Version - Referral Flood Blog!
Featured Book - Podcasting - Do It Yourself Guide - Todd Cochrane
Free Magazine - The CEO Marketer
- Suit Yourself - Shelby Lynn

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Featured Resource - Blog Lightning - How To Create and Promote Your Blog In A Flash. A User Testimonial

My Web Site Traffic Went Through the Roof - Want to know how?

Well, there are a number of reasons, but one of the things that contributed to this traffic increase is my new blog. My blog has increased my keyword rankings and has also been instrumental in attracting a lot of new visitors.

But to be honest, I didn't know one single thing about blogs...until a guy named John Jantsch helped me out. He showed me step-by-step how to set up my blog and also showed me several tricks on how to get the search engines to notice it and send me more traffic.

David Frey

Blog Lightning Is Selling Like Crazy - Thanks!

Drawing from my experience creating blogs, including my award winning Duct Tape Marketing Blog, I have launched a complete step-by-step guide that takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what to do to instantly create and promote a successful blog for your business.

You also get 14 video screencast tutorials that allow you to watch over my shoulder as I actually do the steps I outline in the system - It does not get any easier than this! -
Order Blog Lightning

Help Wanted - Virtual Marketing Assistant

I would like to speak with individuals interested in providing "virtual marketing assistant" services. This would entail 5-10 hours a week of web site and marketing material writing, editing, proofreading, research and other related project work. Ideally, you will also have some web design experience and be fairly computer and technology savvy - I know some of you are out there because you send me notes correcting my grammar! Send me an email if you are interested or know someone I should contact.

Featured Tip

How To Create HTML Newsletters

Stunning graphics and visual interest make HTML newsletter worth the extra work

By John Jantsch

John JantschEvery now and then a subscriber will ask how I create my newsletter. Fortunately, this request is done in conjunction with a complement I humbly accept. So, I decided to dedicate an entire issue to the creation of an HTML (web page looking) ezine. This wont serve as the only technical guide you will ever need to read to create stunning HTML newsletters but, I hope it will serve as a mid-level introduction to the ins and outs of this powerful tool.

It is my hope that past issues extolling the virtues of an online newsletter or ezine as one of the crucial marketing tools has already convinced you to pursue this vehicle todays lesson, then, will show you how to get the most from your ezine.

What is an HTML Newsletter?

An HTML Newsletter is a newsletter delivered via email that looks very much like a web page. The reason for this is very simple its created using the same code language, HTML, as a web page.

This newsletter is an example of an HTML newsletter. The obvious advantage of this format over text is a stylish presentation. Of course, you know Im not one to get too hung up on style alone. This presentation has proven over and over again to deliver much greater results in terms of readership, comprehension, interest and, ultimately, sales and clients.

How Do Your Create Them?

There really are two components to an HTML email newsletter. One is the designed page and the other is distribution of the page as email. You can create the pages yourself and use a distribution service (that is what I do) or you can use one of the many all-in-one email newsletter services that use templates and distribute your email for you.

The pros of doing it yourself are that you get the most custom look possible and it is generally much less expensive. The benefit of using a service is that you dont need to know how to create an HTML page. You simply fill in templates. For this reason the services are more expensive.

Creating an HTML newsletter is not really that difficult. (Obviously youve got to have something to say but for this lesson Im concentrating on form alone.) If you already know how to create a web page and can use web page creation programs such as Microsoft FrontPage or Dreamweaver or HomeSite you are 90% home.

To create an HTML newsletter you simply create a web page and then upload the code from that page to your distribution service.

Some crucial tips:

If you already know how to create HTML pages you should be aware of some unique aspects of creating HTML to deliver via email. (If you use a service, most of these tips will be built in.)

Width Keep the width of your newsletter, contained in a table and no more than 600 pixels wide You want to make sure that your email shows up in the email window of the recipient

Image links If you use images, and you probably should, make sure that you use absolute links to the images as opposed to relative links. In traditional web page design and image link may be something like /images/bob.jpg. This is fine when you are getting the image on your server. When you send out an email the recipient needs the entire path, more like http://www.yoursite/images/bob.jpg.

How Do You Distribute Them?

I use a service called AWeber and its the only one I can recommend. I have tried others but nobody comes close to what AWeber provides. AWeber also hates spammers so they do everything they can to make sure that their clients get their email through.

AWeber hosts my mailing list and sends my email newsletter out. Each week I upload the HTML code to my list and AWeber sends the mail out. You can buy software that can do this but once your list grows over 100 people it is far better to use a hosted solution to distribute your email.

AWeber also checks my newsletter to make sure that I havent inadvertently used phrases that get my email kicked to the spam filter.

Text and HTML formats

Unfortunately, HTML email is used very heavily by spammers so HTML only newsletters come with a pretty hefty spam score no matter what the content is. I find that if I load a text message along with my HTML message my email scores much lower. The text email also then is received by people who choose to disable HTML email.

I then also make it a habit of uploading my newsletter to a newsletter archive on my web site. This way those who only get the text version can visit the web site and my web site benefits from a new page of content.

Here are some turn-key solutions that might may sense for you.
Constant Contact -
Cooler Email -
Double Click-
Exact Target -
Email Labs -

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

John Jantsch is a marketing
coach and author of Referral Flood and Blog Lightning.

Featured Resource #2- NEW Digital Version Now Available for Immediate Download - It's Selling Like Hotcakes!

Introducing - The Referral Flood Blog - Referral Marketing Tips, Tactics, Ideas and Strategies taken from real world Independent Professional and Small Business Owners. - I guess you knew it was only a matter of time before I launched another blog!

Referral Flood - How to generate a flood of new business without spending one dime on advertising

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Referral Flood - How to Create a Flood of New Business Without Spending One Dime On Advertising

Featured Book

Podcasting - Do It Yourself Guide - Todd Cochrane

Podcasting is the Internet's next big wave. Even if you don't plan to create your radio show, this is a good resource for those who want to understand this new broadcasting tool.

Featured Magazine

By special arrangement I am offering free marketing related magazine subscriptions to my readers. These subscriptions are not part of a sales promotion or gimmick. Go get em' while they last.

The CEO Marketer - CEO Marketer exists to help CEOs and strategic management teams inside private business-to-business companies who are struggling to win customers in a complex selling environment. ...

Featured Listening

Suit Yourself - Shelby Lynn

Shelby Lynn has a great voice. On this album she taped the vocals for each track and then brought in a killer line-up of musicians to record the instrumental tracks. The overall feel is an album that was recorded during a live living room concert. Incredible cover of Rainy Night in Georgia.

I have also posted my Top 25 Albums of All Time List for those interested in such things!

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