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November 3, 2010 - Duct Tape Marketing News

Cool Tools
Tools, links and services we found this week

Wirecast – Mac and PC software that makes it very easy to create professional live streaming webcasts using multiple cameras, video, audio, Chroma Key (blue/green screen), transitions, and built-in titles

Myebook – a platform for finding and creating ebooks. Also offers a way to buy and sell ebooks

AwayFind– AwayFind is a web application that finds your most important emails. When you receive an urgent message, AwayFind will notify you with a call, SMS, IM, DM (Twitter), or delegate the message to someone you specify.

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Featured Story

How to Discover and Attract More of Your Ideal Client

By John Jantsch

photoMany small business marketers try to be all things to all people and find it hard to really focus or get good at serving narrowly defined market segments. Actually I don’t think they really try to be all things it just sort of happens from a lack of focus and a prospect on the phone asking for some help in an area that’s not really your thing. Read the rest at AMEX OPENForum

Marketing Links
Posts from my personal blog reader

Advertising and Word of Mouth
As part of my project work with The Keller Fay Group, I'm digging into their archive of research findings and providing insights, which marketers can use to better tap into the power of word of mouth. from brandautopsy

The Benefits of Being Weird
Why it pays to get weird. With your advertising budget, that is. Writing on the New York Times "You're the Boss" blog, boutique advertising agency CEO MP Mueller argues that an outlandish or offbeat advertising campaign is sometimes just what a company needs to differentiate itself from the competition. from

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Social Media Buzz
Listening to the conversation online

3 More ROIs in Social Media - Conversations Leads and Advocates
If you follow me you know I talk a lot about the ROI of Social Media since I happen to have stumbled on a great ROI using Social Media in providing support for our customers at Avaya. from Paul Dunay

Tweet of the Week
One interesting or at least entertaining tweet

ducttape: Entrepreneurs aren't risk takers, they've just discovered something more important than security.

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