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December 15th, 2010 - Duct Tape Marketing News

Cool Tools
Tools, links and services we found this week

AppBistro - A Facebook App recommendation engine that takes into account your fan page subject.

Wakerupper – Wakerupper is the web’s easiest telephone reminder tool. Schedule reminder calls on the web

MyNextCustomer – this tool is gives businesses a simple way to measure phone calls, web leads and sales from social media, seo, paid search and offline marketing campaigns.

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Featured Story

How to Build a Referral Engine

By John Jantsch

photoGetting a steady stream of referrals is the dream of most businesses. The right kind of referred leads are pure gold. They are often more qualified, less price sensitive, and more apt to refer business once they become a customer. Many business count on some portion of referred business, but few tap this source of new and repeat business to the full extent. Read the rest at AMEX OPENForum

Marketing Links
Posts from my personal blog reader

Why Customers Turn to Each Other for Help
Do you still rely on company Websites when you need more than the information about a program a company is running? from conversationagent

5 Ways to Accidentally Lose Your Customer's Trust Online
I have often written and spoken about building trust and the importance of doing so for small businesses as a way of promoting your products and services. from rohitbhargava

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Social Media Buzz
Listening to the conversation online

How to Add a Like Button to Your Facebook Tabs
Have you ever wondered how certain Facebook pages add Like buttons to their custom tabs? Look no further. from

Small Business
Trends in Small Business

The One Thing Successful Entrepreneurs Do Differently
Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a small mastermind. Four of the five people participating had sold or built businesses for at least $1 million, and the fifth person was a successful, high-income earner in real estate. from