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April 13, 2011 - Duct Tape Marketing News

The Duct Tape Marketing Opportunity

Invest in Yourself This Year



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Cool Tools

Tools, links and services we found this week

Moontoast – Suite of services that make it very easy to add commerce functionality to your social profiles such as Facebook – or even create you own social commerce network.

Learnable – with Learnable you can find lots of courses to take and you can create your own course using the Learnable tools. Learnable then markets your course and shares the proceeds.

Certified B Corp – Certified B Corporations are a new type of corporation which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

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Featured Story

Keeping Customers Is the New Lead Generation

By John Jantsch

photoUsed to be that we could go out there and hunt down new leads and customers with a measured precision. We found a message that worked, found a medium that reached the right folks, tested, measured, refined and bingo – turn on the tap to growth. Read the rest at Duct Tape Marketing

Marketing Links
Posts from my personal blog reader

5 Ways To Profit From The Group Coupon Game
Group-buying deal services such as Groupon and Living Social are white-hot and for good reason: they send buyers to your doorstep like no other vehicle currently. from John Jantsch at AMEX

If Your Customers Have to Wait…
In years of running a direct marketing firm that included a small call center, my objective was to eliminate, or at least minimize, waiting time for phone customers. from neurosciencemarketing

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Social Media Buzz
Listening to the conversation online

Moving From Social Media Tactics To Your Social Business Plan
Over a year ago, I put a presentation out in public titled "Social Media Is Dead. Long Live Common Sense". Admittedly, it was a little ahead of it's time. Most companies back then were not ready to think about social media outside of anything that looked like viral marketing at most and at the least, a place to monitor conversations. from darmano

Small Business
Trends in Small Business

Learn How to Collect From Slow Payers
SMALL-BUSINESS owners know it is cash flow or die. While the recession officially ended in June 2009, many companies are still reeling. Credit can be hard to come by, and profits have not completely bounced back. from nytimes