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May 26, 2011 - Duct Tape Marketing News

Cool Tools

Tools, links and services we found this week

30 iPhone Apps for Photography – Great list of apps that let you take better pictures, change exposures, apply cool filters and share your iPhone photos.

Enloop – Automatically creates customized business plans are prepared, on-the-fly, complete with all text and financial forecasts.

Olark – Very full featured real time chat tool for your web site. Gives you the ability to initiate help and sales chats while visitors are on your site.

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Featured Story

5 Practical Tips for Getting More from Facebook

By John Jantsch

photoAs the importance of Facebook as small business marketing tool continues to grow it’s important to adapt your marketing behavior in ways that allow you to gain practical benefits from the way people are choosing to use social media. Read the rest at Duct Tape Marketing

Marketing Links
Posts from my personal blog reader

Bringing Sexy Back to Offline WOM
At the 2011 WOMMA School of WOM Conference, Geno Church and I gave a presentation titled, “Bringing SEXY Back to Offline Word of Mouth.” at Brand Autopsy

7 Ways to Integrate Search Engine and Social Media Marketing
Inbound marketing is in the middle of an interesting evolution. Historically, search has been a major source of traffic and leads for businesses leveraging online marketing. from hubspot

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Social Media Buzz
Listening to the conversation online

5 Ways To Create More Likes On Facebook
One of the things many Facebook-for-business users seem to crave is more fans or “Likes.” Frankly, more as a goal is what leads many businesses to doing silly things, aimed at attracting quantity, rather than logical things aimed at attracting targeted fans. from AMEX

Small Business
Trends in Small Business

6 Lessons From Jim Collins On Becoming Great
One of the most dynamic speakers you will ever hear at a live event is legendary business thinker and author Jim Collins. from rohitbhargava