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February 15, 2012 - Duct Tape Marketing News

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Cool Tools

Tools, links and services we found this week

Freedom – Pretty interesting tool that allows you to block yourself from the Internet for a determined period of time. The only way around it is to reboot. Great tool for when you need to focus on something like writing instead of wasting time on Twitter.

KissInsights – Free tool that allows you to ask your website visitors one simple question and instant feedback on design, what works, what’s missing, or how they heard about you.

moShare – Tool that allows you to send an video, article, or image that you find on the web to a mobile device via text. You must have a verify a mobile phone as well so it’s really just an easy way to text content to someone. There’s a bookmarklet and website button.

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Featured Story

How to Use a WordPress Blog as a Referral Generator

By John Jantsch

Build A Small Business Plan

I’ve seen and heard this scenario countless times. Two perfectly suited strategic partners determine they should start doing some things together in an effort to create referral opportunities for each other.

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Marketing Links
Posts from my personal blog reader

12 Most Potent Questions for B2B to Ask Customers
Search Google for “Sales Tips and Tricks” and you will get a whopping 22,400,000 hits.: from 12 Most

Are you massively wrong about the size of your market?
I walked in my son’s Cub Scout meeting late last night, and ran into the wife of our den leader. She is a wonderful person; an engaged mother, passionate volunteer and airline pilot.: from Pamela Slim

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Social Media Buzz
Listening to the conversation online

10 Tips for Creating a Social Media Policy for Your Business
Policy. It can be a dirty word, especially in social media communities.: from SocialMedia Examiner

Small Business
Trends in Small Business

Turn Your Business Into a Community Building Platform
I believe the future of business and commitment building resides in the idea of viewing your business as a platform for your community.: from Duct Tape Marketing