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Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Featured Resource

Let me walk you through creating your marketing plan in person.

I have the pleasure of connecting with my friends at E-Myth Worldwide to conduct a special 2-day Marketing Intensive in the heart of the California Wine Country. More details here . . .


Come join me and develop marketing and lead generation systems for your business with me in person and get a free copy of my book and Marketing Plan Software!

The event is being held at the beautiful Doubletree Hotel in Rohnert Park, CA for two days devoted to successful strategies for business growth and learn to harness strategic marketing tactics and analysis that will take your business to the next level.

This event takes place November 13-14, 2008 and includes a fabulous wine dinner at the St. Francis Winery.

We will work together to:

  • Identify your ideal clients
  • Create your Marketing Plan for 2009
  • Develop a Systems Strategy that will support your 2009 Marketing Plan
  • Find out how to make social media practical for your business
  • Practice entrepreneurial thinking and strategic planning
  • Organize your business with E-Myth’s proprietary model for successful growth
  • Discover the key to creating customer loyalty and delivering consistent, predictable results

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Featured Article

Tuning in to the mobile web


A lot is being made these days on the subject of mobile marketing and rightly so. At the moment about 60 billion people have and use a mobile phone (not sure about how accurate that number really is but you get the point.)

So, for a small business owner how do you go about dipping your toe in the water to take advantage of the growing mobile market?

Strategy first

You know me, I always come back to strategy when thinking in terms of any tool or tactic. A couple of questions you must ask yourself. Does my market get their information, or will they get their information, with this tool. Business to business, hi-tech, consultants, corporate, business professionals, moms and the under 30 set, for example, are all heavy mobile users.

Secondly, what are your objectives when reaching out through the mobile device? Are you educating, introducing, staying top of mind, couponing? These are great uses for mobile marketing, but your business and marketing strategy must come into play when you decide what tools to use and what tactics to employ.

It’s not spam

Let me state this emphatically. Mobile marketing, particularly sending text or SMS messages, is not another way to spam people. Spam is never good in any form – telemarketing, email or text. What we are talking about here is to find ways to offer a form of communication that your prospects and customers opt-in for and want to receive – period.

First things first

Before you dive into mobile marketing campaigns you should consider taking the first step, in fact, a step I believe every business needs to consider even if they don’t ever think they want to market directly using mobile campaigns. The first step is to consider ways to make your website more mobile friendly. As anyone who has ever read a blog from an iPhone or Blackberry can tell you, trying to move around a traditional web page is tough. Services like mofuse and winksite make it very easy for you to create a mobile version of your blog and then with a little code your site can detect when someone is trying to read your blog with a phone. You can see an example of my blog in mobile form here

Another simple option is to consider building a few of the core pages of your site into a mobile friendly page and creating a site with the .mobi domain extension. This way the search engines know it’s a mobile site and your mobile visitors can start finding just what they need – directions, address, hours, brands, push to call, etc. instead of wading through hundreds of pages of content.

    Here are some places to start your mobile website education.
  • dotMobi – great info and tools for building mobile friendly websites
  • Sitepoint – one of my favorite sites for web design tips and a great article on mobile dos and don’ts
  • Mobile Browser Detection – this is a key part of the puzzle and nice article and tools.

SMS – the jumping in point

I happen to think the time has come to start building your mobile phone database much like your email list. Again, all opt-in. While some businesses can naturally use this to send alerts and coupons, I think there are many uses for this form of communication. What about a tip of the week? Polls, contests, alerts, event updates?

Here are a couple of the bigger players in this text message game at the moment. Take a look around and start learning about this new marketing tool.

This is a big and fluid topic and one that will address again over the next few months.

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Featured Resource

Join me live with Brad Sugars - Tuesday, Nov 4th, Noon CST on the Duct Tape Marketing Coaching Excellence Series

Brad Sugars is founder of ActionCOACH, ranked, by the USA’s Entrepreneur magazine, as the 16th fastest growing franchise in the world, and 53rd of the top 500. Join us for a discussion of business coaching as a business and as a way to help grow your business. Reserve you spot here

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Featured Reading

Tribes - Seth Godin

tribes Seth Godin is such a great idea guy. He seems to have a knack for tapping precisely what's going on all around us and putting it into words. In Tribes he suggests that each and every one of can and should lead. But, not in the old ways, leading a tribe inside a school, online, in a forum, is a new kind of leadership around ideas instead of place.

This is an inspirational read. More on the book here . . .

If you hurry you can catch Seth and I talking about Tribes in a live teleseminar on Friday Oct 24th at Noon CDT - More here. . .

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Featured Listening

Little Honey - Lucinda Williams

I can't get enough of Lucinda's voice and I thought the review in her words was perfect.

"I'm in a different phase of my life, so there are more happy moments on this album," the singer-songwriter says of her ninth studio set. " 'Darkly introspective,' is one phrase people have used to describe a lot of my songs. There are moody songs, but I'm looking outside myself a little bit more. These aren't 'boy meets girl, boy leaves girl, girl gets bummed out' songs -- there's a lot more than that going on." More on it here . . .

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