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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

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Direct Marketing that Gets Results - free webinar

Direct Marketing that Gets Results - this expert panel will discuss ways to generate leads using direct marketing tactics such as email marketing, direct mail and direct response advertising.

Wednesday, April 15th - 9 am PDT/Noon EDT


With this group of experts we will cover what works now and how to generate leads on a shoe string budget.

Register here for the Direct Marketing that Gets Results

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Become a Duct Tape Marketing Coach in 2009

CoachJoin the Duct Tape Marketing Coach Network and become part of a network of small business consultants and coaches across North America that are discovering the tremendous power behind the Duct Tape Marketing Brand, Tools, Programs and Systems.

Let our brand open doors and help you take your business to the next level. We are looking for marketing professionals with a passion to serve small business.

Live Discovery Webinar - Wednesday, April 8th - Noon CDT Enroll for this session here - to learn about the opportunity.

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Featured Article

Social Media Listening Made Easy

ListeningListening to the wants and needs of your markets and customers has always been a good idea. Any good salesperson can tell you the benefits of listening - if you do it right the prospect will always reveal how to get the sale.

In today’s rapidly shifting business environment listening is one of the key competitive tactics, but the sheer volume of what’s being said makes it make more complicated exercise. The days of spending a little time down at the barber shop to measure the pulse of the market are long pasted.

Today’s marketing must also employ a powerful set of digital ears to monitor and engage in the millions of conversations going on simultaneously in every corner of town and every corner of the planet.

By setting up filtering, aggregating and alert technology or services you can gain access to real-time conversations about:

  • Your customer’s ongoing experience
  • Any brand/product/CEO mentions
  • Complaints about competing services
  • Inaccurate information about your organization
  • Thoughts and needs of journalists in your industry

The key is to create, either on your own or through a paid service, a dashboard that delivers the conversations surrounding topics of interest right to your inbox or browser as part of your measurement suite of analytics.

Your do it yourself toolbox should include:

  • Google alerts - Google Alerts allows you set-up customer searches for any phase and receive email or RSS alerts any time your phrase shows up in online media, blogs, web pages and news.
  • Search.twitter - For now, monitoring twitter is a separate stream (Google seems to be adding twitter conversations to SERPs) - using the advanced search function allows you set-up very specific searches, even including geographic details. These searches produce RSS feeds and can then be subscribed to.
  • - Similar to Google Alerts, but for twitter. Set-up search phrases and receive notification any time your phrases show up in twitter conversations.
  • - focuses on the most popular bulletin board conversations and can turn up responses that don’t show up anywhere else. Some industries still have very heavy bulletin board use.
  • - Backtype is a search engine of sorts that focuses on blog comments. Blog comments don’t often make it into the mainstream search results so this is a way to listen in on this set of content.
  • Social Mention - this is a mashup search engine of many of the formats of content such as audio and video - I’ve found it a very nice way to turn up some mentions that don’t occur anywhere else.

Many organizations may find that the ability to listen in digitally is so important or so time consuming that they need to employ a paid service to do it. In addition, these services offer countless ways to filter and analyze the data you collect in far greater ways then you might on your own. The greater level of analysis is a great way to spot trends, find opportunities and measure ROI for your online marketing efforts.

Some popular paid services include:

  • Radian6 - Robust set of analytics, relates data in some very cool ways
  • Trackur - advanced set of tools, well worth the cost
  • Buzzlogic - focuses on helping you find key influencers driving conversations.
  • Filtrbox - very easy to use, powerful and low cost

Image Source

Creating Your One-Page Dashboard


(Click the image to see full size)

One way to tackle the monitoring of all the various sites you have set as radars is to create a one page dashboard type of set-up using a page start service like Netvibes. (Of course the paid services offer this kind of set-up, but if you’re doing on the cheap this is a nice touch.)

I quickly set something up on Netvibes (you could do this in iGoogle, MyYahoo, Pageflakes too) that would allow me to track various Google Alerts, twitter searches, boardtracker searches and backtype searches along with my own Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn activity. There are lots of pre-build widget for things like twitter, but pretty much anything with an RSS feed can be added to the page. Netvibes is easy to work with and this might be a nice way to keep it all front and center.

~ ~ ~

John Jantsch is a veteran marketing coach, award winning blogger and author of Duct Tape Marketing: The World's Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide.

He is the creator of the Duct Tape Marketing small business marketing system. You can find more information by visiting

You may reprint this article in its entirety if you attribute the article to John Jantsch and include the information about the author above.

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Featured Reading

Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success - Dan Schwabel

"Only 25, Dan Schawbel has branded himself as the expert in personal branding. Even more, he's found a competitive edge: He's the expert in Gen-Y personal branding. Schawbel writes an online personal branding magazine. He has a personal branding website. He says personal branding will help college students land jobs, entrepreneurs get financing, even managers earn promotions." —Miami Herald - More info here

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Featured Reading

Quiet Nights - Diana Krall

Everyone needs that album they can put on while making dinner on Saturday night that pretty much announces there is romance in the air.

OK at the risk of over sharing here, I love the mood any Diana Krall album can set.

She has serious piano playing chops mixed with smoky phrasing and, c'mon she's married to Elvis Costello, it just doesn't get any cooler than that. More info here

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