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Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Featured Resource

Let me walk you through creating your marketing plan in person.

I have the pleasure of connecting with my friends at E-Myth Worldwide to conduct a special 2-day Marketing Intensive in the heart of the California Wine Country. More details here . . .

My readers get 25% until this Friday, Oct 31st - use this code when you register - EBMK1108


Come join me and develop marketing and lead generation systems for your business with me in person and get a free copy of my book and Marketing Plan Software!

The event is being held at the beautiful Doubletree Hotel in Rohnert Park, CA for two days devoted to successful strategies for business growth and learn to harness strategic marketing tactics and analysis that will take your business to the next level.

This event takes place November 13-14, 2008 and includes a fabulous wine dinner at the St. Francis Winery.

We will work together to:

  • Identify your ideal clients
  • Create your Marketing Plan for 2009
  • Develop a Systems Strategy that will support your 2009 Marketing Plan
  • Find out how to make social media practical for your business
  • Practice entrepreneurial thinking and strategic planning
  • Organize your business with E-Myth’s proprietary model for successful growth
  • Discover the key to creating customer loyalty and delivering consistent, predictable results

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Featured Article

10 Simple Ways to Get Started with Social Networking

I don’t really think that the mySpaces and Facebooks of the world are essential marketing plays for the typical small business as they stand today.

There are somevery practical business reasons for some to actually use these and other, what are called social networks, for business gain, but most people that have jumped on the social network bandwagon have found themselves left with a “is this all there is” kind of feeling.

To those I say this, the value of the current public social networks for business folks is not what you can get out of them for gain today, but what you can learn by using them for practical gain tomorrow. That’s why experimenting with social media and social networks makes so much sense for you right now.

The Facebooks of the world are busy teaching millions and millions of business folks how social networks work, how social networking works, how shared applications can be viral and ever-present. The real payoff in my opinion is that the wave to come is the “personalized business network.” Once everyone of your customers and prospects knows how to use what are easily replicatable social networking tools, like building profiles, sharing video and connecting based on mutual interests, your job of building your own social business network around your own very specific community of niche will get a whole lot easier.

I think 2009 will be known as the year of the personalized social business network. So, if you've decided to take a pass on the whole social networking trend, I would suggest that you use this handy list to start learning to ride this bike with the training wheels on.

Ten ways to get started with Social Networking.

1) Read 10 blogs - sign-up for a Bloglines or Google Reader account and search for and subscribe to 10 blogs about social networking - you can return daily to your page on Bloglines to find and read all the new content on your 10. Of course you can add blogs about your industry and interests here too.

2) Comment on 10 blogs - posting relevant comments to blogs you read is a very simple form of social networking. It's also a good way to get some extra visitors your site or blog.

3) Join Facebook - Join and create a profile. Find and friend some of your existing contacts using tools on Facebook. You'll be surprised how many people you already know have Facebook accounts. Facebook has some real value for you because of the rich set of tools and large amount of active users. This is a great place to experiment with how people interact in social networks. Once you get your feet wet you may also find that Facebook is a great way to connect with business contacts you may never bump into otherwise.

4) Create a mySpace page - this service is really embraced primarily by musicians and the younger set. It also happens to have a large underbelly contingent so be warned, but it is a great tool for learning how to build a presence outside of your web site.

5) Join LinkedIn - this is a service that's been called Facebook for professionals. It is really about meeting and connecting with like-minded business folks. It is a great service for people looking for a job or to make connections with people who may be out of reach without an introduction.

6) Visit Ning - this is the largest custom social networking service that allows you to create your own community using a variety of tools that can be branded to match your current site.

7) Create a Workbench profile - this one's a little self-serving as this is my social business networking site but it's a good example of the personalized business community that's the next wave for small business.

8) Create a Twitter account - this tool is pretty silly on the surface, it allows you to type in 140 characters or less what you are doing right now. It feels like a giant waste of time but a very large and active community has grown around this kind of micro-blogging and you should understand how people are using it.

9) Create a StumbleUpon profile - This is a social network built around discovering and recommending sites that you like. Active stumblers can send a lot of traffic your way

10) Create a Digg account - this site allows you to keep up to the minute with what's happening in the world of business. Users submit and vote on what is believed to be the most important content.

You might also consider Mixx, Squidoo, delicious, and Flickr as places to find and develop niche related communities when you're ready to really get out there.

Think of mySpace, LinkedIn and Facebook as your labs - get in there and experiment for the future. then start planning your own personalized social business network.

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Featured Resource

Join me live with Brad Sugars - Tuesday, Nov 4th, Noon CST on the Duct Tape Marketing Coaching Excellence Series

Brad Sugars

Brad Sugars is founder of ActionCOACH, ranked, by the USA’s Entrepreneur magazine, as the 16th fastest growing franchise in the world, and 53rd of the top 500. Join us for a discussion of business coaching as a business and as a way to help grow your business. Reserve you spot here

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Featured Reading

Reality Check - Guy Kawasaki

tribes Few people can cut throught the crap like Guy Kawasaki.

In Reality Check Guy outlines essential actions that every business needs to take to outsmart, outmanage and outmarket their competition.

This is an inspirational read. More on the book here . . .

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Featured Listening

The Best of the Hightone Years - Buddy Miller

Buddy Miller is often referred to as the musician's musician for his studio play and producing.

He and his wife Julie are a great songwriting and performing team and this record, packed with guest appearances is collection that you should have.

More on it here . . .

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