Does Your Firm Suffer from Feature Creep?

I have a software development client that is always complaining about "feature creep." This is their industry term for a software development project that continues to grow as users determine they need little add ons along the way. Next thing you Continue Reading

Small Business Summit 2007

I am participating in the Small Business Summit in New York City on February 13th and hope to see you there. I am presenting a small business marketing case study with Tom Szaky, CEO of Terracycle - I interviewed Tom not too long ago on my Continue Reading

What Referrals Can Tell Us

Referrals are great - especially when they quickly turn into a highly qualified, ideal client. That's the promise of a referred prospect really isn't it? They've been made aware of you, told why they should like you and shown what you do that is Continue Reading

What’s a Zane Anyway?

My friend Zane Safrit, CEO of Conference Calls Unlimited had his blog as the featured blog from the TypePad universe yesterday. I hope the added exposure will turn lots of folks on to one of the more insightful blogs I read. Zane is a great person, Continue Reading

Basecamp for Lead Conversion

I love and use the heck out of Basecamp, an online project management application. I'm not alone is this as Basecamp is one of the most popular web 2.0 business apps going. Recently, I've started to use it in a way the some might not think of. A Continue Reading

A Kansas City Book Signing

If you happen to find yourself in the Kansas City area! Please join me for a mini marketing workshop and book signing to celebrate the launch of my new book Duct Tape Marketing - The World's Greatest Small Business Marketing Guide Wednesday, Continue Reading

Having a Little Duct Tape Super Bowl Fun

Doritos, along with Yahoo Video and Jumpcut sponsored a contest to allow regular folks to create a :30 second ad to be aired during the Super Bowl on February 4th. They are down to the final 5 and my favorite uses duct tape as the underlying theme. Continue Reading

Marketing is What You Do and What You Say

A lot of marketers get caught in the trap of figuring out what to say to get the sale. Then, well, then things go south a bit. Long term, marketing is really more about what you do, deliver, execute, or innovate than it is about a new slogan. Hey, Continue Reading