Questions? Feedback? powered by Olark live chat software Returning Blogs, Feeds and More has added a new componant to their search experience called Blogs and Feeds. When you click on this option and then search for, let's say, "marketing" you get an updated list of blogs that have referenced the term as well as a host of what Continue Reading

The Business You Are Really In

No matter what business you think you are in, no matter what product or service you provide, you are probably in the commodity business - forced to compete on price and little else. That's because the perception is that all businesses are essentially Continue Reading

My Secret Envelope Trick

Standing out in the crowded mailbox is one of the chores facing any direct mail campaign. I'm a big fan of the regular old direct mail letter in the regular old #10 regular envelope. Problem is, that delivery mechanism can be, well, regular. One Continue Reading

Is Ecomomic Gardening the Answer for Local Business Communities?

I had the pleasure of spending the day in Littleton Colorado this week. I had been invited to present a 1/2 day marketing workshop for local businesses. The workshop was underwritten by the City of Littleton. I went expecting to find a room full of Continue Reading

Katrina Sends New Orleans Businesses Online

About 6 months after Katrina hit New Orleans, Yahoo! Small Business hosted a Back in Business seminar, a free event attended by nearly 200 entrepreneurs. The program was designed to help jumpstart small business recovery in the aftermath of Hurricane Continue Reading

Use Your iPod for Presentations

I make lots of PowerPoint presentations using my laptop and a digital projector. I've been dreaming of a way to ditch the laptop and start using my iPod to make the presentations. I'm sure there are lots of ways to get this done, but I ran across Continue Reading

Google Apps for Your Domain

I read in an Information Week article today that Google has revealed a major part of its strategy to provide online office tools for small business through a program called Google Apps for Your Domain. Right now the program, still in beta, will allow Continue Reading

Naming Your Stuff Makes It Feel More Important

One of the greatest challenges every small business faces is getting the prospect to pay attention to how they are different. It may not actually be true, but until you prove otherwise, in the mind of the market, one accountant is like another, one Continue Reading