Google’s Website Optimizer Testing

Google has started beta testing a very interesting tool. The tool, called Website Optimizer allows web site owners to track and test variables involved in online offers in order to make improvements to design and copy. There are lots of tools to Continue Reading

Internet Explorer 7 Ready to Download

Microsoft launched the public release of its next version browser - IE7 - but maybe you knew that already as Windows automatic updates probably instructed you to download it. IE7 is a pretty major step forward for some (mostly people who weren't Continue Reading

The Best Place to Advertise in Your Town

In this week's Duct Tape Marketing newsletter I pointed out a list of some the better resources for locating newspapers, magazines, radio, television stations, and other potential offline advertising opportunities in most major cities. I also Continue Reading

The Return of the Department Store

It's no secret that the Macy's and Gimbel's of my parents day, once the hub of all shopping, are no longer a very important piece of mix. Shopping in the "something for everyone" environment is out of fashion. But, the one stop shop or department Continue Reading

Some Random Links I Thought You Might Like

iStockphoto is now selling short video clips along with stock photos When I want to figure out some CSS or HTML trick I visit A List Apart - I came across this little gem on using Type correctly. (Yikes!) Yahoo Search Marketing is finally getting Continue Reading

The Natural Advantages of Small Business – the video

The following is a video I compiled from a popular presentation I give. I firmly believe small businesses possess certain innate advantages over much larger competitors. The question is - are your taking advantage? Feel free to spread this around Continue Reading

Every Business Needs Both

Most people go into business because they know how to do something. The problem is that's not enough. For a business to thrive you must also know how to dream much bigger about that something, identify and seize opportunities where others don't, and Continue Reading

A Couple of Random Referral Ideas

Today was a good day. I received a bunch of Starbucks gift cards as a thank you for referring some clients to one of my strategic partners, Conference Calls Unlimited. This type of acknowledgement, nothing extravagant really, is the kind of thing Continue Reading