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Great Products Can’t Overcome Arrogance

No matter how good your product or service is - if you constantly treat your customers as though they are disposable, well, that's what they will become. Whether you are sitting on top of the world or clawing your way to your next order, you can't Continue Reading

Full Entry Feeds

I've received numerous requests for the full entry of my posts to show up in my feed. Your wish is my command. Continue Reading

Google In the Print Ad Biz

This should scare the heck out of some traditional print advertsing sales folks. Google is auctioning print ad space in a group of major print magazines. Current titles fall into three categories: Automotive (Car and Driver), Lifestyle Continue Reading

Access To Your Brilliance – Let me count the ways

People learn in many different ways. Your marketing efforts will benefit if you make it very easy for your prospects to get access to your expertise while giving those so inclined the ability to spread your expertise. When you can create different Continue Reading

7 Steps to the Perfect Media Interview

So, what happens when all of your PR activity actually prompts a reporter to call for an interview? Getting the interview is only one-half of the deal. Follow the steps below, and you are more likely to turn your interview into a powerful marketing Continue Reading

Landing Pages for Referrals

Landing pages are pretty standard fare these days - you run an ad in a publication and drive people to a landing page specifically designed to generate one response only - sign-up for a newsletter, enroll in a teleseminar, request a white Continue Reading

The Small Business Marketing Search Engine

I am creating a small business marketing search engine and you can help. I have added a search function to this blog and all of the blogs in the Duct Tape Marketing Channel, but it's not your typical search function, it's a swicki - a hand built Continue Reading

On the Road with Duct Tape Marketing

From time to time I get asked to take the Duct Tape Marketing message on the road to share in workshops and trade shows. Recent speaking engagements found me at the Oregon AMA and Iowa SBDC. Coming up, I am talking blogs and new media with the Continue Reading