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Building Client and Referral Communities

Two of the most important words in the marketing world are Content and Contact. The best lead generation is done by providing tons of great content – the best lead conversion is done by providing the right kind of contact. Put content and contact Continue Reading

Speaking of Kate Spade

As it turns out my daughters go the same high school that Kate Spade attended, so, naturally American Express asked her to warm up the audience for me at an event in New York - oh, wait, maybe I got some of that wrong. But, the school thing is Continue Reading

Keys to Getting Into Big Companies

My friend, blog channel contributor, author of Selling to Big Companies and person who most encouraged me to write a book, Jill Konrath has posted an archive of a Webex presentation you did titled the 7 Keys to Getting Into Big Companies. on her Continue Reading

Passion is a Wonderful Branding Tool

I love what I do, so, sometimes it doesn't feel like work. (Every now and then my monkey minds drags me back into whining and worrying about all the little things I can't control and then I hate my job - just in case you wondered.) Last week I Continue Reading

PRWeb’s Mick Jolly on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

I conducted a great interview with Mick Jolly, Executive VP of PRWeb on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast site. PRWeb has long been a great choice for small businesses looking to distribute press releases, but in recent months PRWeb has been adding Continue Reading

Small Business Marketing Ain’t For the Timid

Marketing a small business takes some guts. It's not necessarily rocket science, more like showing up and doing a lot of the same things over and over again, but one of those things is the ability to stick with a plan, even if you are bit Continue Reading

How To Beat the Wal-Marts

I get lots of calls to come in and speak to merchant groups when they learn that another Wal-Mart is moving to town. The fear of course is that they assume they can't take on Wal-Mart and win. The truth is you can beat Wal-Mart or any other chain, Continue Reading

Marketing Sherpa’s Top 10 Blogs

The Marketing Sherpa readers poll of top blogs in 10 different categories was announced this week. The list features some new blogs this year, but always seems to produce some new "must read" blogs for me. Yes, in the shameless self promotion Continue Reading