Would Willie Lohman Blog?

Finally small business onwers are jumping on the blog train as a way to stand out and generate search traffic (particularly local traffic) So, I'm wondering. What about the salesperson who would like a way stand out - in their industry, around their Continue Reading

How Do I Subscribe to This Blog – let me count the ways

Do I really still need all those subscribe options and buttons. I'm a firm believer in giving your prospects and clients lots of ways to get what they want. So, I've always had lots of ways to subscribe to this blog's feed, including email. As RSS Continue Reading

How To Stand Out In Any Crowd

Sam Horn, author of Tongue Fu and POP: Stand Out In Any Crowd, stopped by the Duct Tape Marketing podcast to talk about ways to create memorable company and product names, core marketing messages, and slogans. Don't miss her POP! - Hall of Fame (I'm Continue Reading

How Long Should It Take For My Marketing To Work?

I get the question posed in the title of this post often so I have two questions myself to preface the answer - How long do you plan to be in business? and, How long does it take to build a really high quality home? See, the problem with this Continue Reading

12 Podcasts for the Creative Class

FastCompany.com included the Duct Tape Marketing podcast in its recent list of must-listen-to podcasts for creative workers, those entrepreneurial spirits who start and staff the most innovative, fast-growing companies. Ah yes, duct tape for the Continue Reading

Who Should Review Your Business Plan?

I'm a big beleiver in business plans - not the text book thing, the simple working, changing, living, breathing thing. Every business should use one (note I said use not have.) There are lots of web sites, software programs and books out there that Continue Reading

The Marketing Blogs Kitchen Sink

I always tell my clients that one of the ways to get better at blogging is to read blogs, which I do. Continue Reading

What Really Sets GoDaddy Apart

A lot is made about the tacky GoDaddy ads that cause a stir during the Super Bowl each year. GoDaddy founder, Bob Parsons, has indeed landed on a way to get attention. By polarizing and even infuriating some portion of his market he is able to live Continue Reading