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The Ultimate Small Business Marketing System is Alive!

In this post I will introduce a product that I am quite proud of and have worked very hard to produce. Please forgive the overly commercial nature of this post - I promise to get back to marketing tips! This is a little like showing off newborn Continue Reading

Your Real Competition Is Perception

When it comes to true competitors most small businesses don't really have any. I suspect you don't spend much time hanging around waiting for your prospects to compare bids. (If you do, that's another issue.) Here's my belief. I don't think that any Continue Reading

What’s The Opposite of Love?

Your first answer to the question posed in this title may be hate. But, Elie Wiesel's famous quote is really more to point in business and in life. The opposite of love is indifference. If people don't love your business, it's unlikely that they Continue Reading

So Who’s The Target Really?

Lots has been written about this whole target marketing thing but I think most people miss the best part of this strategy. Yes, it's true you need to find a narrow market and focus on them. However, I think that small business owners would fare much Continue Reading

Blogs On Selling

Recently, I was asked for a list of some blogs on selling by a group that was looking for sales trainers and speakers. So, here's my list: Jill Konrath - Selling To Big Companies Bill Caskey - Caskey Sales Training Brian Carroll - B2B Lead Continue Reading

A Workshop Secret Weapon

Presenting your expertise in front of a room of potential clients is a very powerful way to generate leads and clients. Think about it. Your prospects are invited, often by someone they respect, to hear an expert speak on a subject they care about. Continue Reading

I’m Just Going To Stop Using The “B” Word

The other day, I mentioned to a new client that we needed to add a blog to the marketing mix and they immediately told me that they didn't want anything to do with that online journaling for people who just want to rant on about nothing. I really Continue Reading

Bob Bly is Anti-Business Card

In a recent issue of the Early to Rise newsletter, Bob Bly, marketing expert and author of 60 books on business, advises that business owners should forget everything they have been told about using a business card and adopt what he calls and Continue Reading