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Some More Podcast Tools

Tony Valle, a reader and producer of the Great Big Podcast, said some really nice things about this blog in a recent post (not hard to get my attention, is it?) In checking out the site I found a great podcast resource. So, here are some more Continue Reading

Podcasting Makes You a Member of the Media

Lots has been published about the value or hype of podcasting. MarketingSherpa today put out a nice piece on the subject titled MarketingSherpa's Practical Podcasting Guide for Marketers. In typical Sherpa fashion it's a well thought out collection Continue Reading

Where Do Women Business Owner’s Open Up Shop?

The SBA released a fascinating research paper this month on women-owned business. Some fun facts: In 2002, women owned 6.5 million or 28.2 percent of nonfarm U.S. firms. More than 14 percent of these women-owned firms were employers, with 7.1 Continue Reading

Put an Amazon Store On Your Site Today launched a new affiliate tool this week called aStore. This tool allows you to create your own themed Amazon store and embed the store on your web site. The tool is very easy to use and allows you to create a site complete with product Continue Reading

All Things to No One

I'm conducting a two day marketing boot camp in Boston today and each time I do one of these I am struck with one recurring theme: Small business owners have a hard time defining a narrow target market. This is due in part to the fact that defining Continue Reading

Seth Godin Is Getting Small

Not many big businesses get it yet, but people are starting to come around to the idea that small businesses hold some significant advantages when it comes to serving changing markets. I spent a few minutes chatting with Seth Godin, arguably one of Continue Reading

Meet and Grow Rich on Duct Tape Podcast

Prolific Internet Marketer, Joe Vitale and co-author Bill Hibbler dialed into the Duct Tape Marketing podcast to share some insight contained in their new book, Meet and Grow Rich - How to Easily Create and Operate Your Own "Mastermind" Group for Continue Reading

Who Wears the Marketing Hat In Your Business?

When small business owners finally face the fact that they are really in the marketing business, they struggle with the idea that they actually must spend time and resources feeding the marketing machine. Here's my belief - Most small businesses Continue Reading