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StockLayouts, a great small business resource

It's been a while since I've writtern about StockLayouts, but every time I see a new set of designs come out of these folks I'm even more impressed. One of the quickest ways to create high impact stationary, brochures, ads, newsletters and product Continue Reading

What Does Your Brand Sound Like?

Emotional connection - that's the battle cry for small business marketing. You must have your logical marketing ducks in a row, but the real impact in marketing is made on the emotional level. And emotion is drawn from the senses not the cortex Continue Reading

A Local Phone Number in Another Country

Setting up shop in say Japan or the UK can be a pretty big expense for a small business, but offering a local phone number, giving the impression of a local presence, just got a little easier. A new company called JetNumbers allows you to pay a set Continue Reading

Napkin Technology Still Works For Me

With all of the fancy new PDAs, phones and Web 2.0 services out there to help you plan, capture and organize your world, I find that I still like the feel of paper. From the moment I started my business over 20 years ago, I began carrying Moleskine Continue Reading

Marketing Sherpa Blog Award Nomination

It's time once again for the Marketing Sherpa Blog Awards. This blog has been honored with the reader's choice for best small business marketing blog the last two years and, at the risk of sounding greedy, I would love to make it a hat trick (for Continue Reading

Normal is a Commodity

When it comes to marketing your business you must find ways to stand out. Most small businesses don't have the ad budget to throw at getting attention and standing out by simply purchasing loads of ad space so they must maximize the awareness Continue Reading

The Secret O Marketing is Enjoying the Ride

Okay, the title to this post could very easily apply in a broader sense to the secret of life in general, but let's stick to marketing for a minute. It's funny how many small business owners I run across that claim that they just don't get this Continue Reading

Sending and Receiving Very Large Files

In a recent newsletter I listed 10 productivity tools I couldn't live without. Today I'd like to talk specifically about one of those tools called DropSend. DropSend, as the name may imply, allows user to upload large files to either store or send Continue Reading