Membership Builds Loyalty

Coffee shops get it, sub shops get it, even auto maintenance shops offer it. I'm talking about the membership and loyalty club approach to rewarding customers. Almost any business can add to the bottom line by offering some sort of premium Continue Reading

Building a Community Space

Anytime you can gather two or more of your prospects, future prospects, clients and referral sources there is community building going on. Nothing grows a loyal customer like a connection to something bigger than the product or service you happen to Continue Reading

Chillin with Blue Man Group in NYC

Once again I will be in NYC attending an OPEN from American Express Small Business Forum. This edition of the forum features Liz Lange - founder of Liz Lange maternity, Mario Batali - noted New York City restauranteur and chef and Blue Man Group. Continue Reading

The Small Business Advertising Dynamic Duo

Small businesses often complain that advertising is too expensive. This can indeed be true, but I've seen countless examples where one business successfully uses advertising to generate leads while another simply wastes money doing the same. The Continue Reading

Building The Small Business Marketing Search Engine

Google has a fairly new offering called Google Co-op. This tool allows anyone to create a custom search engine integrating their own site results along with hand chosen results that fit into a narrow focus. So, I've decided to build The Small Continue Reading

10 Ways Small Businesses Can Save the Environment

Inc has a nice piece this month on "green companies." In my experience small business owners seem to take a more proactive stance to environmentally friendly practices. I don't know, maybe we're just a little closer to the consequences of Continue Reading

Another Small Business Resource

Continue Reading

Free Teleseminars from FreshBooks

Mike McDerment and the folks at FreshBooks have put together a really great series of weekly teleseminars that cover some of my favorite marketing topics. Sign up for the teleseminars Up next is Advanced Web Analytics from John Marshall, CEO, Continue Reading