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Google Plus LogoFor this week’s episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast I grabbed a few minutes with Chris Brogan. Chris is the founder of Human Business Works, writes and speaks on all things related to social media and is a documented Google Plus fanboy.

Chris and I talk about what Google Plus is, what it means, its strong points and weak points and why he has moved a great deal of his own personal networking activity to Google Plus. Have a listen.

Below are a couple tips that I’ve been using to enhance my own Google Plus experience – connect with me on Google Plus if you like.

1) Add the Google Plus Profile card to your blog – Grab the Google Plus Card WordPress plugin puts your Google Plus profile in your blog sidebar just like you see over there to the left – this will help spread the word about your presence there.

2) Add photos like a slideshow – Create a new Album and upload a series of slides as images (all the same size) in the order you would like them to show and Google Plus creates a viewer that can be clicked through much like a slideshow.

3) Send Google Plus items to Evernote – simply create a circle and add your Evernote email address as the lone user. Then share anything on Google Plus with that circle and it will automatically be sent to your Evernote account.

4) Search Google Plus – Google Plus doesn’t really have any good way to find people you might want to connect by occupation or interest yet. You can, however, use Google search to do the job – to search by topic, add this to a Google search – your topic ie: “small business marketing”

5) Publish your Google Plus public feed to your WordPress blog – I’m sure badges and widgets are coming for G+ but until they do here’s how I published a mini G+ feed on my blog

First – find you profile # – mine is 103952215474318614668 – then simply use this tool from plusfeed to create an RSS URL with your # – here, this is an RSS feed for my G+ public feed only (you can actually do this for any public feed if you wanted to publish other people’s feed)

Next take the RSS feed above and burned it at Feedburner (I know, another Google property.) Feedburner has a feature called BuzzBoost that makes it pretty easy to republish an RSS and produces the code you need for your widget. Take that code and create a text widget in WordPress, place it in your theme (you might also add a link back to your profile) and that’s it.

Bonus: Don’t forget to add the Google +1 button to your blog and Website pages. This is one way that people point out content on your site and share it with their Google Plus followers. I show you how to do that here: Adding the Google +1 Button

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John Jantsch

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine and The Referral Engine and the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.
  • This is such any exciting time for its time to see what happens next with Google Plus..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • The Scriptrr Google + Profile widget is a bit more stylish than the card.  I tweaked the code a bit to read “Circle Me On Google+,” as well.  View it at

  • I have not tried Google+ yet, but might have to give it a whirl

  •  I like Google + the most. If +1 works, it will not only improve search quality, but also make ads more engaging. Chris is such a genius and gives some quality advice on new launches..

  • Ray

    Is adding the Google +1 button easy to apply?  Sounds like you guys have quite the plan for utilizing new Google options.

  • John – Great tips here!  Thank you for sharing. Totally forgot about using the site: functionality to search Google+  – Thanks Again!

  • Tea Silvestre

    I love new toys! Was just commenting elsewhere on a post about the glut of info I download everyday and how it would be nice to have an app where you could put it all on your iPad to read later. I’ll try your tip:

    3) Send Google Plus items to Evernote – simply create a circle and add your Evernote email address as the lone user. Then share anything on Google Plus with that circle and it will automatically be sent to your Evernote account.

    I think that might do the trick!

    • Evernote actually has a “web clipper” that allows you to add things to Evernote directly from your browser. This is probably an easier approach for content not already in Google+

  • Great tips! Like all things new it takes time to get use to the new interface and really understand the power of the tool. Does anyone know if the WP plug-in works in other blog formats?

  • I love the “Post to Evernote” idea! I would have never thought of that!

  • 6) Get a vanity url at to shorten you google+ feed url.

    • Or get a branded one of your own from so you own the name and branding

      • I do agree that you should get a branded one – but rather than outsourcing it to a company such as you could truly own it by getting a domain name that you like and then spending 20 minutes to set up your own link shortening service. YOURLS has worked great for me (100% free, released under GPL – I have no relationship with the project).

        I was going to use until I started thinking of 2 years down the road if wasn’t there, I would have a lot of dead links to deal with. I also just didn’t like having something as important as my links being owned by somebody else (price hikes, etc.) YOURL’s interface is not as pretty as but it works great and I love the simple stats it provides.

        Play with it on a random sub-domain some time, hopefully somebody finds this useful!


        • Thanks James – I have created on using this tool as well and agree it’s a good option

  • Make Google+ profile picture and Make Google plus banners for profile online: and

    • Nice one – love the banner trick

  • Jim

    Awesome John… I think everyone should scroll to the top of this article and click “plus one”.  You always have the best tips.

  • Especially love the tip about evernote. That’s awesome! Don’t know why I didn’t think of that.

    There’s probably heaps of services you could do this with, one that comes to mind is Posterous. Great way to build up content.

    As other commenters have said as well, having that address is essential. Can’t believe G+ didn’t implement fancy names as part of their core straight away.

  • i want to add my blog posting, feedburner or rss feed to my google plus accoung so users can see my blog posts easily

    when i look for infomation of this in google search. it always gives how to add google plus feed to my blog which is opposite to what i am wanting.   o [ost everthing in my blog and send it to facebook, twitter, my space, my website etc.  so i want this for google plus to make my life easier.