It’s guest post day here at Duct Tape Marketing, and today’s guest post is from Vinay Patankar – Enjoy!

how to build a blog

You’ve probably heard that blogging is a great way to generate leads and sales for your business. John has talked about blogging many times on this very blog. And the truth is, it does work, many companies have seen stellar results from creating compelling blogs and building large audiences around them.

But why is it so hard?

While this may be true, building a successful blog is much harder than it sounds. I’ve been blogging for a long time. I ran a personal blog and a number of different niche blogs during my time as an Affiliate Marketer. I wrote hundreds of posts and did various “link building” tactics to try and rank my blogs to get traffic. This did produce some results, I got a bit of traffic and a few sales, but it never turned into the lead-generating-cash-machine I dreamt about every night before bed.

It was only when I started blogging for my startup Process Street did I start to see some real numbers and results from my efforts. We are still in early days (the blog is about 6 months old) but we recently hit the 1,000 subscriber mark and are now receiving over 100,000 page views every month!

traffic stats

What changed?

So what did I do different this time than all the other times I blogged?

The answer is content promotion. In my early days of blogging, I would spend 90% of my time writing content, once it was done I’d share it on my social media properties then move on to the next post. I now spend just 30% of my time on creating content and 70% promoting it.

content creation vs content promotion

This does not mean I write lower quality content by any means, in fact, my content is much higher quality now, I just write fewer posts. Like much fewer. I was writing up to 10 articles a day across my various blogs, now I am lucky if I manage to get 1 per week out. But when I write, I write longer, more detailed, more personal, more actionable and more impactful posts than I ever did before. This is not by chance, this is part of the carefully curated content strategy that I came up with from watching some of the greatest SaaS content marketers in the world like Buffer and Moz.

Creating high quality content is absolutely necessary to build a blog that people read, share and link to, but creating high quality content is only half the battle (or 30%!). High quality content is not useful if nobody sees it. Today, I have a team of 3 Virtual Assistants that focus on promoting my content, and not just content on my blog, I have them promote guest posts I write on other peoples blogs (like this one) plus any post that links to one of my products or posts.

So what is content promotion and how do I do it?

Well I’m glad you asked. It just so happens that I created a very detailed and in-depth checklist that you can follow to promote your content. This checklist is responsible for driving at least 1,000 visitors to every post I have written, it in itself is a huge piece of content that took me 3 days to create! Now it’s all yours. Use it yourself or hand it off to a VA and watch the visitors roll in.

Grab my content promotion checklist below and supercharge your blog today.

vinay headshot process street 100x100Vinay Patankar is an ex digital nomad and startup growth specialist. He is the CEO of Process Street, a platform that manages recurring processes for teams and turns businesses into automated, self growing machines. Find him on Twitter, Google+ or his Blog. Sign up for a free trial of Process Street here:

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  • Seriously? The entire purpose of this post was to force us to join your email list to get the information you should have included in the post? You talk about how your posts are longer and more in depth now. I guess you mean except this one.

    • Hey Hugh – you’re certainly free to create your interpretation, but let me actually give you mine – the point is to share the tool that the checklist was created with (my email list isn’t actually involved) as well as provide information that fortunately others have found very useful – you know my standing policy I’ll happily issue you a refund!

      • Sorry but you missed my point I guess. Vinay is telling us that he increased his blog views by providing high quality, long form content that his readers find valuable and that’s why they share it. Then in this post rather than giving anyone the information we might be willing to share to increase the chances of others seeing it, we have to provide our email address to get the information.

        Just struck me funny what a contradiction the post is of itself and how it just turned out to be a sales pitch.

        • Young O.G.

          Yes you missed the point completely. Vinay said he started focusing more on content promotion rather than content creation. Don’t you think forcing someone to enteer their email to receive more content is a great promotional tactic?

          ……Think outside the box man

          • No, this is not quality content and he clearly said he’s writing content that is even higher quality than what he was before. And I think this is a terrible tactic and a good way for John to lose subscribers.

          • Hey Hugh,

            I am not sure if you tried to unlock the checklist, but if you do go through it and click through to the content, you will see each item in the checklist has virtually a whole post within it.

            I would say that checklist contains over 3,000 words and it took me a solid 3 days to research and write.

            So this is long form content, very long form.

            The mechanism for locking part of the post behind an email is called a content upgrade. Content upgrades are a great way to grow your list.

            And yes, I am here to grow my list and my business, I am a marketer and a business owner as I am sure many of the readers of this blog are.

            The content is valuable, and it is free. It honestly has helped me grow my business and I hope if you get a chance to read it, it help’s you too.

          • Afropreneur

            I absolutely, 100% agree Hugh. I was very disappointed with the post, and with John for running with it. Having to “unlock” the list felt cheap and spammy. The “unlock” form doesn’t even clarify how my contact information will be used, which is both rude and unprofessional.

            I bought “Duct Tape Marketing” years ago and have been following John’s blog ever since. This is the first time I have considered re-thinking that decision.

          • Hey Young, thanks for your input, it’s actually called a content upgrade and it’s something we have been using very effectively to grow our list and blog 🙂

      • I don’t see anything indicating that a tool is being shared. I see that a checklist is being shared but only if we provide our email address to unlock it.

  • Rob Newman

    Hi Vinay, the 70/30 ration is a good point! I’ll bet Guest Posting is part of your promotion too. ha!

    It takes way more than posts with great content to attract traffic to a blog. I wrote a blog for a year and received very little traffic. I studied headline hacks, and all types of blog post formats all with no success.

    One interesting point I have discovered is how Twitter seems to be used by bloggers more than Facebook. I discovered this through Social Crawlytics.

    BTW, your check list is pretty cool! It is more than just a check list I see. Very impressive!


    • Thanks Rob, appreciate the feedback. I honestly do not use twitter that much, I find guest posting to be the most effective way of driving initial traffic. Write killer guest posts and then run them through the promotion checklist.

  • Rachel

    I actually think it’s quite clever to ask for someone’s email in exchange for the checklist…and I would love to know the tool or app Vinay used to create this…can you please share what the tool/app is, please?

    • Afropreneur

      It might be clever, except the access form doesn’t:

      1. Clarify who is collecting my email address (John? Vinay?)
      2. State how my contact details will be used (Add me to a mailing list? Spam me with promotional offers?)
      3. Indicate what, exactly, I am getting in exchange for my private information (having the first two or three items on the checklist unlocked would have provided some helpful insight)

      • Hey Afropreneur, some good points there, I have added them to our feature list. Thanks.

  • Rachel

    Although I have to add…that I don’t like how you collect my email each time I want to see a new task…I entered my email once to unlock the checklist…and when I clicked on a specific item on the list, it requested my email again…not efficient, not user friendly…and it’s leading me to “abandon the cart”, so to speak. Great tool in theory; not so great in practice. Won’t be adopting this…

    • Hey Rachel, this is actually a bug we just discovered on Safari is that the browser you are using? We are working to fix this right now, apologies about that.

    • Hey Rachel, just want to let you know we fixed this bug on Safari and it should be working fine now. Thanks

  • Guest

    Superb tips .This helps alot for those who are planning to start a blog.they will have to make a note of it.

  • Thirumurugan

    Superb tips.those who are planning to start blogging will have to make note of it.

  • Very helpful tips and a very comprehensive list of resources! I saw that there’d been some chatter re: having to provide an email address, but I wholeheartedly felt that the list that Vinay had assembled was worth it. It would have taken weeks to identify all the content that he references when you expand each of the items on the checklist.

    I just listened to my first Duct Tape Marketing podcast today – and I’m hooked on that as well. Thanks all around for great, easily-digestible, and truly helpful content!

  • Stephen Mayall

    Great post although I have to admit whilst I was taken in by the initial headline and contents I was more impressed with how the list was created, so much so I’ve signed up to Process Street. Couple of questions… Do you get seo benefit from the content in the list? i.e. The content you click through to, Where does that reside? Can every Process Street customer add this optin pop up to their lists? Now back to the article.

    • Hey Stephen, thanks for the input.

      1. The content is hosted on our site and what you are seeing is an embed similar to a Slideshare or YouTube embed.

      2. Yes, anyone can integrate their autoresponder and use the content locking if they choose 🙂

  • Ruth Logsdon

    Great ideas presented in an executable format. Thanks!

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