It can be a chore to drive traffic to your website. So, once you do gain a click through organic search, a referral or an ad, you need to you do what you can to keep them there long enough for them to dig in and see what you’ve got.

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Below are a handful of tactics that can help visitors find what they are looking for, consume more content and enjoy a more engaged experience overall.

1. Click to

There are a variety of actions and associated tools related to helping people get or do what they want. Click to call, chat or schedule tools give people the ability to ask a quick question, ring you up to check stock, download a free session, or schedule an appointment without the need to pick up the phone. We use Olark for chat on your site and tools such Schedulicity and Genbook are worth a look for click to functionality.

2. Site search

Oftentimes someone tells a friend to go to your site to get what they want, but it’s not obvious when all they have is the home page. Adding search functionality to your site has become a fairly common and useful practice. You can use Google Custom Search or the WordPress search widget.

3. Video

The video format is a great way to increase engagement as you can entertain, surprise and build trust in ways that text rarely can. Using lots of short little videos on your site can be a great way to introduce core concepts, demonstrate how to use products and display client success stories. Adding functionality and calls to action to your video can make them even more engaging. Today’s post sponsor, Viewbix, has a great tool for that.

4. Related content

Once someone finds a piece of content on your site that offers information they are looking for it’s a great practice to use tools that can suggest additional related content. This is one of the best ways to keep people digging and clicking around your site. I’ve used the WordPress Contextual Related Content Plugin for some time and find it works well. It automatically places five related blog posts at the end of each post I write.

5. Smart content

Let’s say you sell big smelly diesel trucks as well as super green hybrid city delivery vehicles. Would it be safe to say that the prospective buyers of those two vehicles might be looking for very different things? Using technology like Getsmartcontent your site can display content based on a variety of factors, such as what someone typed into a search to find you site. Tailoring content to specific segments is a great way to increase engagement.

6. Guided tour

If your website caters to many needs it can be very engaging to present your visitors with options that lead them deeper and deeper into the precise information they are looking for. Using a tool like SurveyFunnel allows you to present your visitors with a series of questions and let the answers determine where they end up or what they subscribe to.

7. Advice and feedback

Asking for feedback and advice is not only a great way to increase engagement it’s a great way to learn how to get better. If someone comes to your site and doesn’t find what they are looking for wouldn’t it be great to understand what went wrong? Consider using a tool like 4Q, which offers up a little four-question survey to people leaving your site.

Measuring engagement

Once you employ a few tools it’s time to learn if you’ve improved engagement. Using Google Analytics Goals is a great way to see the impact. Analytics measures averages of many things, including time on site and page views per user. These two measures are a nice way to get a glimpse at engagement levels.

One way to track increases is to look at your current averages for these two metrics and create goals for each that are slightly above your current average. This will start to show increases, but it will also allow you to drill down and see where your increases are coming from – social, SEO or referral.

Increased engagement leads to increased awareness and trust and both of these can eventually lead to much greater conversion.

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John Jantsch

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine and The Referral Engine and the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.
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  • Avlesh Singh

    John, you should take a look at WebEngage sometime – .. with in-site targeted surveys and push notifications, we are fast gaining momentum with thousands of customers worldwide –

  • Peg Corwin

    The only problem with using Google Analytics is that you can get increased page views and time on site if people cannot find what they are looking for. But it is certainly one measure.

  • OBVAVirtualAssistant

    post John, as usual.

    got to agree with “video and smart content”. That is probably the most
    important thing here when dealing with Websites.

  • Tony

    $1M a Year Jamie Lewis 24 weeks of live
    one on one training

  • Dave Crenshaw

    Very helpful. Thanks for sharing, John.

  • Each of these methods certainly have merit. The article would be more powerful with examples that have actually increased engagement.

  • Hey John – that’s a helpful article on increasing engagement, something we follow very passionately. Have you heard of us? We allow people to build interactive tutorials/walkthroughs for their websites.

    I think we’d probably fall into your guided tour section. Best,

  • Great examples for all businesses, large or small. From experience, it’s almost always a win-win situation when you have a video explaining a key service or product followed by a call to action before the break. If you are a small business looking for help, visit us at Always great advice John!

  • Diane Comeau

    Thanks, John for another great post! I love learning about these free or low cost add ons that increases the interaction between my website and visitors. Keep ’em comin’!

    Although I am working in a very small scale right now, I envision bigger and better and keep a specific text file for reference.

    Diane Comeau

  • Michelle Tran

    Some great tips, social media is now such an important tool in lead generation! In fact, the main tool!

  • Sheetal Sharma

    Thanks for writing and sharing this post, it will definitely help me in doing justice to my role at Synechron where i do content management of website and social media.

  • Weelytics

    Great Post,

    Today, anyone from the business can use Weelytics to Navigate, add, update and remove events tags to the website without any technical skills.

    To more learn about how to add your events with Weelytics (2 x 50 seconds videos), check here:

  • Cheracs

    I would also put professional copy on the list. It’s not only writing that very often undermines copy effectiveness. Your copy can be flawless grammatically but still fail to deliver the message. In other words, to answer the obvious and trivial questions most clients ask, such as ‘What does your company do?, ‘How do you deliver your services?’, ‘What are the benefits of this product?’ and so on. At the initial, decision, stage, every potential client wants this simple info. You just need to give it to them, no need even to be the best in town. They want your reliability that is transparent, shown right away on your website. That’s how they filter out worthless vendors on the go. And this attitude requires understanding your clients’ needs. Our blog post on how to increase B2B sales with a website contains a lot more useful tips on how to attract and convert visitors. You can read it here:

  • This list should also include another 2 powerful tools of customer engagement. That is Sweepstake/giveaway and referral campaigns. Rewarding your customers increase the level of engagement and also build trust.

  • rick petko

    Nice article….
    Engagement can also be increased by some apps or platforms like Braavoo (Braavoo: Recognize great work instantly and boost employee engagement), Salespatron (Salespatron: Sales presentation and client engagement solution for salespeople) and many more…