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The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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Three Free Local Classified Ad Plays
The local classified ad space online is rapidly changing and potentially cutting into one of the remaining cash generators of the traditional newspaper. Craig’s List currently dominates the free ad space but Facebook recently added free classified listings and now eBay just launched a free classified site called Kijiji. Facebook and eBay have a long […]
Do Just One Thing Better Than Anyone
Beverly Sills, America’s best known opera soprano, died yesterday and I was struck by a quote she made during a past New York Times interview. “I always had a theory that people became a superstar because they could do one thing better than anybody else in the world,” she said. “I think there was an […]
Let Your Customers Build Your Business
I read somewhere that Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks and Quicken, have a practice they call “follow me homes” that allow them to go into an actual customer’s home and watch them install their software and get it set-up. They find that often, the way they designed a screen or instruction may not be the […]

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The Changing Role of the Phone in Marketing
Lots of marketers and journalists are writing about the use of the phone as the hot new marketing machine. Apple’s iPhone release hasn’t done anything but flame this hot fire either. The truth is that for most the phone as a marketing medium still only represents possibility, but there are some fun and interesting plays […]
Has the CEO Heard of You?
Many small businesses have products and services that are pitched at various levels inside organizations. Most the time all of the effort and messaging is focused on that buyer, division, or purchasing agent. While this is a necessary approach if you are to make the sale, you can’t ignore other layers in the environment. You […]

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Build Your Boats Before You Need Them
A lot of folks thinking about starting a business spend all their time doing the typical start-up stuff like incorporating, finding office space, and designing business cards. All good and needed steps mind you, but don’t neglect the most important step. If you are employed today and thinking about going out on your own, start […]
The Move to WordPress is Official
Regular visitors to this blog may note a slightly different look today. I have migrated this entire blog to WordPress. I am very excited about the expanded possibilities this platform gives me. The folks at WordPress have been a great source of help in this process, which in my case was not an easy one. […]
Don’t Miss the Hollywood Opening Tonight
I am moderating a panel of film industry icons next week during the LA Film Festival. You can join in during a live online session – I want lots of Duct Tape readers asking questions! The event signals the kick-off of an aggressive effort by OPEN to build an online small business community that features […]
What Could You Learn From the Best Retailers?
Retail can be a tough business. Competition is fierce, location is everything, and the buyer is fickle and expensive to reach. That’s why successful small retailers perfect the art of loyalty, referrals, word or mouth, promotion, and community building. You know, as I read that list I wonder why service businesses don’t take a page […]

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