The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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Yahoo Small Business Rolls Out Site Solution
Yahoo Small Business has offered very good, inexpensive web hosting for some time now. They also offer software called Site Builder to help you build a small business site. Site Builder is a bit clunky and comes with a learning curve to make it work. Today, Yahoo announced an addition to the small business web […]
Stay Out of The Bad Part of Town
Did your parents ever warn you about “the bad part of town?” Well, the web has those places too. A lot of people understand that links back to a web site can help a web site get better rankings in the search engines. Problem is, blindly seeking any kind of link may do more harm […]
What Have the Senses Got To Do With Marketing?
Emotional connection to something is translated by the senses. With marketing one of the goals for many companies is to create and deepen the emotional connection clients and prospects develop with a product, company or service. This is what creates unshakable loyalty, unsolicited referrals, and viral word or mouth. For most humans these connections involve […]

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Selling the Soul of the Business
Successful businesses usually get that way by doing something well. Really successful businesses get that way by doing something well and documenting, duplicating, and training associates on how to do it using a system. A killer innovation strategy in these cases is to look at what you do well and determine how to turn it […]
Are You Feeding the Snack Culture
Wired had an interesting feature on what’s being called the snack culture. The snacks they are referring to, however, are bite size information snacks. The idea is that people seemed obsessed with consuming information in quick hits rather than investing attention in a deeper read. There are lots of reasons for this, but as a […]

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David Allen and GTD on the DTM Podcast
David Allen’s mega best selling book, Getting Things Done, has spawned an entire industry of productivity products, but in a recent interview I conducted on the Duct Tape Marketing podcast he shares his vision and beliefs about goal setting and productivity. His straightforward philosophy for managing the work and mental stress of juggling all the […]
A Google Calendar List of Events Feed on Your Web Site
If you’ve ever wanted to easily publish a schedule of upcoming event, deadlines or even birthdays as a dynamic list rather than a calendar style page here’s an RSS trick for you to use. (This can be done on a public or private page) Create a free Google Calendar account and slug in all the […]
Know Good Design
The visual elements of your business, including your logo, associated graphics, web site and printed collateral materials send very strong messages about your brand. While you can overestimate and overcome this impact you can and should understand it and take steps to align it with your core marketing message and ideal client. Professional designers can […]
Does Your Firm Offer Referral Gift Certificates
Think retailers are the only ones that should offer gift certificates, think again. Every business can find a way to extend some form of gift certificate to clients and prospects. Think about the marketing factors at play with this tool. You allow others to pass your marketing message or gain some additional benefit from the […]

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