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The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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HTML Playground – reference by example
Great site for those who do a great bit of their own web design and need a reference site for using the right html tag – HTML Playground, html, css reference by example This is a very useful way to learn XHTML and CSS by seeing tag descriptions, example code, and results all with the […]
What Becomes a Small Business Brand?
Small business owners are often confused about the term brand, and rightly so. Big businesses obsess about this thing called branding, yet I think on the whole it has become a pretty souless term. Every small business has a brand? The question is whether the make-up of the brand is created intentionally or accidentally. There […]
Automatic Blog Posts with delicious
The delicious bookmarking tool has a fairly little known feature that bloggers can take advantage of. With the right settings you can have delicious post your bookmarks to your blog once a day as content. Here’s an example post links for 2007-07-27 | If you have a delicious account (heavens knows you should) and […]

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A Facebook and Google Reader App for Bloggers
A few weeks ago I wrote a post pointing out the growing usefulness of Facebook as a business tool. It isn’t that I am so enamored with the social network as I am optimistic that the new open platform will allow developers to create some very useful business applications. Today I want to tell you […]
Advertising Age to Use the ToddAnd Power 150
Todd Andrlik, a marketing and PR guy known to most as Todd And and creator of the Power 150 – top marketing blogs, announced today that AdvertisingAge will be taking over his little creation and plans to integrate it into their coverage of marketing and media. I think it’s a tribute to some hard work […]

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Sometimes You've Got to Burn the Boats
You know you should turn your service into an ebook product, create a new workshop, start a podcast, yada, yada, yada. Sometimes knowing and doing have a hard time intersecting. I learned years ago one of the best ways to get something done is to give myself no choice. There is a fable that tells […]
Great photo, blog, podcast, video resource list
Mashable, the social networking news site, has created an insane resource list calledONLINE MEDIA GOD: 400+ Tools for Photographers, Videobloggers, Podcasters & Musicians
Get To Know (No) Fast
I spent two days in training with a very seasoned group of sales professionals recently and the same point kept coming up over and over again as we applied the principles of marketing to selling situations. Many small business marketers want to be all things to all people in an effort to cast the widest […]
Stocklayouts Is At It Again
My Oregon based friends at Stocklayouts, Rod and Tami Copper, have just released a new collection of agency quality design templates that can meet the needs of the pickiest designer and make a time crunched small business marketer look like a star. Okay, you can tell I like what that do. There are templates and […]

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