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Whether you’re a novice writer or a pro, at some point you’ll get writer’s block and will find it difficult to come…

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Firefox Gains a Real Partner
Another positive move by Firefox, the world’s fastest growing browser, was announced yesterday. Real Networks, the maker of Real Player announced that it would be distributing the Firefox browser along with Real Player and the Google Toolbar. Real player dominate the free mp3 player market and should open up a much wider distribution channel for […]
Partnering with Non-Profits
As a rule, non-profit agencies can make great marketing partners. Now, before I get too far into this, let me state, for the record that what I really talking about is lending help to one of the many worthy charitable organizations in the world that provide community and health services by forming a partner relationship […]
Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Coach Ranks Grow Again
Another group of Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Coaches hit the streets this week. After attending the required two day training intensive held in sunny Kansas City, this group of newly minted coaches returned to their homes in Dallas, Vancouver, Baton Rouge, London, Kansas City, Chicago and Pennsylvania to begin delivering the Duct Tape Marketing system […]

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What Does American Express Hope to Accomplish?
OPEN from American Express held a posh (by small business standards) event at the Nokia Theater in Times Square tonight and the 800 or so guests and 7000 or small business folks attending by Webinar were treated to some wisdom from some of the hottest brand builders going. Want to know what each had in […]
Join Me For a Live Interview with Michael Gerber – author of the E-Myth
I am conducting a free Teleseminar with Michael Gerber – author of the E-Myth Revisited, on Wednesday August 9th at Noon Central. You can enroll to participate here. Michael wrote the foreword to my upcoming book, Duct Tape Marketing – The World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide, and is joining me to share his […]

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Brand Building with American Express
I am covering a small business branding event for American Express tonight live at the Nokia Theater in Times Square. You can join me via a webcast set to cover the sold out event. I will running bits and pieces of an interview with Kate and Andy Spade on this blog tonight. My focus will […]
Duct Tape Workshops in New York Area
Attention New York Area Duct Tape Fans I am conducting 2, two-day workshops on the East Coast over the next week and wanted to let my readers know that these session, while held for members of the National Association of Tax Professionals, are open to non-members as well. Let me just tell you that the […]
How Viral Is Your Referral Marketing?
Lots has been made of late about viral marketing. There are many fancy definitions of what this actually is, but I’d like you to think about it as an automated form of referral. Any business can look for and implement ways to make their referral marketing efforts more viral in nature. I use a “tell […]
Small Business Faces to Know?
Ramon Ray over at has a clever post featuring pictures of people that he thinks small business folks should know. (Yes, somehow I made this list, but there really are some others on it that you should get to know) Most of the members of the list are journalists that cover the world of […]

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