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Marketing your local business is different than marketing, say, a software service nationwide. There are mobile considerations, SEO considerations, content considerations, and local review sites that can make or break your local online marketing efforts. In this guide I break down the key elements and show you precisely how to take full advantage of each.


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Google My Business and citations

Google My Business is a crucial online, digital tool or service from Google that is available to local businesses or service area businesses. You have to have a business in a location to claim a profile for that location, but when you do, it does unlock some powerful tools.

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AdWords paid local traffic

One of the most important ways to get found today as a local business is to show up - front and center - when someone whips out their phone and searches Google for a product or service near them.

Google AdWords, along with a focus on SEO, is how you can dominate your market for local search.

Local website optimization

While there is a growing percentage of web designers who understand how to design strategically, there are still many business owners who have the “make my site pretty” mentality. By not keeping SEO, content, strategy, user experience, website functionality, and design in mind, companies risk losing business opportunities.

Reviews and competitive analysis

Most local business owners are aware that positive online reviews are good for business, but over the years, I’ve realized many aren’t aware of just how much they can impact it. Today’s consumers are increasingly relying on reviews to make decisions about the products and services they purchase.

Backlinks on and offline

No matter what Google tries to do to devalue backlinks, they still remain an important factor in your ranking.

Getting high quality backlinks to your content is one of the more important factors in getting your content to rank. Buying links and acquiring links in shady ways is no way to go about this.

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We've developed a comprehensive audit process that allows us to take a deep look at your local marketing efforts including:

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  • Your online reputation
  • Your competitive landscape

Let us give you a baseline report on how you're doing that also includes a list of your highest priority elements to address and recommendations for how to improve every element of your local marketing.

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